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[6/10/2019] Post-update | Bug fixes and suggestion implementations

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The following are patch notes for minor development done on the server since the server update a few days ago, its not necessary to know this information but its just here for those curious. This thread will continue to get updated as we fix more bugs and implement more of your suggestions.



- Metal detectors now un-disguise disguised players.

- Metal detectors are no longer able to be set off by police.

- Metal detectors have been restricted to being purchasable by police only.

- Police no longer lose karma for killing criminals

- Police armoury prices have been adjusted to make playing cop less expensive

- Server events have been adjusted (Burgatron disabled)

- Mayor is immune to hits during the grace period 

- Government jobs are restricted from placing hits

- Arrest reasons fixed



- Unbox fixed

- Police constables or higher now spawn with glocks

- Swat roles are no longer restricted to trusted or higher

- Hydro pots and watertank are no longer restricted to trusted or higher

- Lockpicking handcuffs fixed

- Players can now free kidnapped / restrained players by pressing the use key on them

- Police get money for arresting criminals when more than 30 people are online. (The amount you get scales with the criminals karma)

- Blocked the possibility of cuffed or jailed players starting raids.

- Junkies don't get auto slain when teleported to the sit room.

- Added hit cool down. (You can't have a hit placed on you for 10 minutes after a successful hit)

- Hitmen that die to a hit target are now job banned for 2 minutes, to stop them breaking NLR.

- Police now get karma for arresting.

- Fixed jail bounds

- Meth cook temporarily disabled as we investigate an issue regarding the job.


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- Fixed textscreen not being able to be remover tooled

- Cocaine tweaked to make it more viable

- Meth cook has been fixed and renabled

- Meth entity prices adjusted and profit increased

- Fixed tazer teleporting and freezing people outside of the world

- Fixed tazer removing weapons

- Blocked people being able to eat their own poop while in cuffs

- Blocked the ability for people to place hits while restrained and while in prison 

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