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[22/01/2020] Update log

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Hello Everyone! Just a quick content update today as most of our development time lately is going towards finishing our new map.




[New Content]

- Cocaine manufacturer job has been added

- New cocaine system

- Riot shields for police

- Police 911 hud

- New playermodels for mafia boss and gangster jobs

- New post load screen and spawn system added


[Update log]

- Player data Desync issues fixed

- /gang chat added

- Fixed junkies being able to pickup weapons

- Removed the ability for police to disguise as police

- Fixed prop whitelist not showing up for new players

- Fixed possible lag issues in regards to weapons

- Fixed taser cable bug (taser cables wouldn't despawn in certain situations)

- Weapons purchased through the !store will no longer set off metal detectors / be counted as illegal weapons

- Job weapons will no longer set off metal detectors (Eg Assassin sniper rifle)

- Battering ram changes (easier to use, always stays "armed")

- Tazer ammo being removed after kidnapping/rape etc has been fixed.

- Weed prices adjusted.

- Riot shields added to police armory.


- Redesigned forum userbars.


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