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  1. Rickey Succ

    bobby07 tusted

    //denied Requesting staff to review application
  2. Contrary to popular belief, I'm not oblivious to what's going on, I'm just a professional avoider of drama, whining, and bullshit.
  3. Rickey Succ

    PD Changes

    This map isn't going to be used in the next update, so there would be no point in doing this. We have confirmed that there will be no further map updates for this current map, as we will be getting a custom made one.
  4. bruh i can hook you up bb ❤️
  5. template template template template template template
  6. //closed as prox said this is a client issue, nothing we can do about it
  7. i know this thread has been up for some time, but if your looking for this to be implemented the follow the template found here: you have 24 hours from the time this reply has been posted to fix this or it will be closed.
  8. We have already made a thread related to wiremod tutorials, and when rosette learns new wiremod functions and feels like making a video, he will post them there. //closed
  9. Wow I love this attention seeking game... maybe I might do one 😎
  10. Rickey Succ

    Cheeky R6 Shot!

    pfff... I can do that in my sleep mate 😎