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  1. Pathetic

    VR Mod

    would be nice for people that do
  2. Pathetic

    VR Mod

    Hey I’ve seen this mod in action people can still play like normally. Watch the start of the video
  3. Pathetic

    VR Mod

    I know how you feel, my headset hasn’t seen the light in soo long
  4. Thought the app was a little confusing changed format half way through and the last few questions could use a little love as it needs a little fore detail try to aim for a small paragraph. But I’m glad you took the time to try to organise your app and give it some colours Makes it look like you care for this position. Just try to add some meat to the last few questions. The more you add the better chance you’ll get to be accepted. but I think it’s good enough for a plus one just try to give the last questions some detail for your final judgment 1+ Good luck you seem nice I’d like to see you pass 🤗
  5. I like the new application 100 times better but your last 4 questions could do with a little love. Try to aim for a small paragraph for the answers or more. The more the better chances you’ll get accepted but for your efforts a plus one to make your day 1+ good luck mate you seem nice and I hope you get accepted
  6. Well A lot of the time things seem unfair so you need to take it on the chin just try to learn from the situation and don’t make the same mistakes as last time because if you kill someone, that person might always be recording and might make you look like the bad guy I’ve made that mistake a few times trust me. But you can learn from this just make your app good and you can come back. And try harder from now on to follow the rules
  7. The first few paragraphs are fine but the last 3 questions could be answered with a little bit more detail. I’ve never seen you so I need a lot of detail in a application for me to know who you are as first impressions are very important. And with the new evidence that dark shadow has shown your case isn’t looking good. And your application could use a little more colour and make it stand out. A nice looking application makes it look like you care which is what we want as we need people that would be a good member to the community and not someone just wanted to be trusted for the benefits. So we need a better application especially now there is video of you rdming people. But I believe everyone can change and I hope you do. recap for me to give you a plus 1 1: give more detailed answers look at accepted applications to get inspired but don’t copy of course 2: add some colour and organise it some more to make it look nice and stand out. Makes it look like you care 3: follow the rules and don’t rdm make the change before people don’t trust you anymore you need to be trusted to get the trusted rank it’s in the name 🙂 ill come back see the changes I really hope you do change for better I don’t like seeing people get rejected but sometimes people can’t help themselves please try good luck.
  8. I haven’t seen you on the server I’m not going to give you a negative 1 because you seems nice and you haven’t done anything wrong buuuuut. I think you need to add some more detail to the application to give us a better example to know who you are as we haven’t seen you on the server before. And maybe add some colour to the text to organise it some more it’s hard to read one static colour but that’s just my opinion so just a recap before I give you a +1 1. Give me some more stuff to read and tell us something how you would be a good member to the community rather then just wanting to be trusted to for your benefit 2. Make it more organised add some colours or space the answers away from the questions makes it easier to read but this is just my opinion won’t matter to much but it makes it look better 🙂 ok good luck I’ll come back later to check up on it to change my mind. Atm I don’t see you’ll be getting accepted. Trust me I’ve been there mate.
  9. Pathetic

    VR Mod

    This would be dope, no clue how it would be added but the staff are smart +1
  10. Pathetic

    Trusted App

    I’ve seen you around and your not a bad person but this application gives off bad impressions as it’s badly written with a few bad choices of words and very simple and some of the answers aren’t answered probably. Really does not give off trusted vibes. Come back and redo it and a lot of people will give you the benefit of the doubt you just need to show us what your capable of because some people would of never met you so this application is very important to get good first impressions So until you fix these adjustments, good luck -1
  11. I stoped playing but came back again and it reset
  12. No it was a while back. I have a lot of money for 5 hours though 🤔
  13. Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:104729611 Steam Community Profile link: Roleplay name: Patheitc How much game time do you have? (Post a screenshot): I’ve been on this server for a long time but it’s been reset and I’ve been playing to get my time played back again. How many warns do you have (use !warns in game)?: 3 Do you have any blacklists/softbans and what were they for?: none Why do you believe you should be trusted?: I believe I should be trusted so i can help other players so that they wont unintentionally break the rules and learn how to use wire mod before teaching others how to use it. How well known are you within the 'Supremacy Networks' community?: I don't know. I cant read other people's mind. How will you set a standard for players without staff powers with your trusted rank?: By doing the right thing all the time. When people don’t follow the rules and screw people over it tends to make other people stoop down to there level. I won’t allow this. Do you agree to use the tools (advdupe, stacker etc.) that come with this rank properly?: Yes. Do you agree to use the jobs (Rapist and SWAT) properly and follow their job rules?: Yes. Do you understand that being trusted is a privilege and breaking rules or abusing the tools/jobs that you receive will get your rank stripped? Yes.