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  1. Princess's Template Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:470771992 Steam Community Profile Page Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198901809713/ Roleplay name: Princess How much game time do you have? (Post a screenshot): 1w 6d 22h 29min 15 sec How many warns do you have (use !warns in game)?: I have 46 warns about 32 last year and basically have 14 warns and but 0 active. Do you have any blacklists/softbans and what were they for?: I may had one blacklist and it was rapist (i had a consent square before rule changed and the admin was not happy about me raping him) I have gotten blacklisted form being a cop because i was minging and smacking people with a stun stick and now i learnt that i should never do that again. Why do you believe you should be trusted?: I strongly believe that i should be trusted because i am an active player that always try to be nice and friendly and now and then i would read the rules to see if i am doing anything wrong or right, and i did something wrong i would most likely because i know i did something wrong apologies. I would ask questions about rules i don't know to see if i can do it or not. How well known are you within the 'Supremacy Networks' community?: Yes im pretty well known by staff and most players, i used to be Gravy, Woofe, Sexy Admins and now Princess (i sometimes change me name after a while. (i used to be a dickhead back then when i started playing though xD and if i was a dickhead to you i apologies) How will you set a standard for players without staff powers with your trusted rank?:I will do exactly that, act in the standard that is expected as set in the server rules and model good behavior for others to follow. Also point out to them what is rule breaking. Do you agree to use the tools (advdupe, stacker etc.) that come with this rank properly?: Yes i agree Do you agree to use the jobs (Rapist and SWAT) properly and follow their job rules?: Yes would love to use those jobs Do you understand that being trusted is a privilege and breaking rules or abusing the tools/jobs that you receive will get your rank stripped? I fiercely agree that trusted it a privilege not a right.