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  1. should i release all of my dupes?
  2. i think they are doing it to raid cunts underground growing weed. what they do whenever a mod or an admin is the mayor with that law, theres always another admin as a junkie. and if theres junkies underground you cant put art outside or he'll kill you. i think its a giant scandal created by yoshi or neptune. they just want a way to raid people. as alex said. i reckon they should keep that rule. but yesterday, when i had a 700k bounty on me, i said fuck the mayor or something like that. next minute i have 20 cops outside my base demanding me to come out with my hands up. it was funny to see how fast these cops wanted to raid me. i fully think they should keep it like that but maybe change it a little or add some sort of restrictions.
  3. got a tiger huntsman tooth wanting to swap for a bailsong reply with offers might throw in some money also
  4. i donated and i have the donator rank in game but not on the fourms, please add a rank to fourms. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198319524814/screenshot/778485010156529240 in case you dont believe me
  5. yoshi sir i just want to say a kind fuck you, i put my base down next to spawn and i left and rejoined and your piece of shit base was where i wanted to build. 0/10 fuck you no homo