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  1. TAW


    I'm more curious on why every single gangster is in that admin sit. Funny af
  2. The main reason the rule was introduced was because people built wired doors around the bank slot things and charged users to use them. Though I don't see the harm in allowing to use props for decorations though
  3. To answer the question, its to stop or slow down people who wish to use the taser to cause issues (Mingeing). Its not going to fully stop everyone, but it has done a decent job. It also helps commissioners know that these individuals have a decent understanding of Police Rules before receiving the taser.
  4. If you are referring to KOS Windows then I'd say no. It's pretty much a one way shooting Window
  5. TAW

    admin competition

    If you truly want to achieve this just run up to an admin who's busy.
  6. 10 mil and I'll consider
  7. Sup fuckheads people So yeah I've been inactive quite a bit on the server. IRL shit has picked up a lot so I have to approach these issues as they're becoming more difficult to handle. I'm not going to disclose precisely what it is at this time. How long this takes is unknown. Could be weeks, months or longer. Incase it does take longer than a couple months, its been an absolute amazing time playing on this server. Sure I have had my ups and downs with the server, but its been mostly positive. I have been around since the very early days when the server opened (infact longer than around 95% of the staff team) and watching it grow to where it is now has been quite a journey. I'm not sure what has happened to the server in the recent weeks (last active was around the snowball update) so not much has changed I assume. If it only takes a week or so, then See you next week! Ill still be on the forums and looking at discord pretty much daily, but will most likely not be interacting. So uh yeah, thats it for now. gumballisms
  8. Template for such a short suggestion holy fuck. Remove the feature entirely, its pointless.
  9. Did you ban someone for a whole day for a single rdm
  10. Better than most staff members. I'm being serious.
  11. lol what Yeah you're going to not have a good time having decent frames on a high-populated RP servers.
  12. Referring to the credit shop. The RPG (Rocket Propelled Grande) is an item that can be purchased for $500.