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  1. i think a video of me shooting my self would be better than this
  2. +1 from me, You are a easy going and chill guy you have a few warns although im sure you are aware and up to date with the rules. Your also a nice guy and fun to rp with so GL
  3. yeah with auto gunstores i get a problem where i ave to re-wire the equal to the money pot and its a big reeeee
  4. 😄 tysm, I feel like a dumbass kinda just my wire skills yeah no more broken dupes ty -fukc
  5. Not quiet, I mean some of the dupes i copied of recent have worked but some havnt so idk
  6. Waffles are alota dicking around to make and cook pancakes are ez and dont taste like pp hole
  7. I have the right to remain silent
  8. NGL im noor gona deny that or agree with it
  9. Yeah cos um..., i knew shet all on knifes and now i do so why not shit talk a past version of me that never knew
  10. look at the dates between now and than
  11. Deep fried drugs idk, Maby like deep fried weed or like cocaine in a pancake batter instead of flour (ima invent some stuff)
  12. Seya dude, You were a good player and a nice guy in my opinion and my experiences, Thanks for all youve done for me as well, Hope to se ya back soon thougghhhhh