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  1. +1 from me, You are a easy going and chill guy you have a few warns although im sure you are aware and up to date with the rules. Your also a nice guy and fun to rp with so GL
  2. yeah with auto gunstores i get a problem where i ave to re-wire the equal to the money pot and its a big reeeee
  3. first of all its not about warns, Its more so if your worthy and attitude like that wont get you anywhere. Secondly, lmao boop noodle destroyed you
  4. -1 I think you need more time as you seem to get warned a bit on a common basis and i seem to have unpleasant encounters with you. I think first prove to us you are worthy
  5. +1 WOOOOW i thought you were trusted. You really deserve it. You follow rules and make sure you do and your also very active and a nice guy.