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  1. hi guys so me DerkShadow im quitting supremacy the reason why i am quitting is because half of the people on supremacy dont even like me and really really hate me. also is because like %68 of the people dont even know how to RP and dont want to RP why would i play on a RP server when there more people that dont RP that do. third reason is because the game has started to make me feel very bored i just dont really find it that much fun to play anymore. so ye this might be sad to some of you this might make you guys happy but yea so uhh ye thats pretty much it i have had soo much fun on this server thanks to all my friends that i have played with and the people who are good with me. I might come back IDK but yea soo this is goodbye I only wish the best for all of you guys even the people who really hate me I wish the best for you and yea this it GoodBye guys. DerkShadow -GoodBye
  2. So uhh im selling my flip knife tiger tooth for 11-12mill if you are interested tell me in forums and in game thanks also the knife im selling is tier 1 this is what the knife looks like:https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198042466007/home/ this is the rarity: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198042466007/home/
  3. yo sellout is it still available if yes ill give u my flip knife tiger tooth and 1mill
  4. +1 Awsome player and has very good knowledge of the server rules he would make a great trusted player
  5. +1 Very good knowledge of the server rules and also is very active
  6. +1 I think it would be good for the server i am sure it would be very fun to add those to the game and i am very excited to see this in game BIGGG +1
  7. DarkShadow

    trusted form

    -1 Yesterday i saw you FDA like 4 times in a RP situation
  8. +1 Is very active on the server has only one warn and not active has good knowledge of the server rules
  9. -1 You dont have very good knoledge of the server rules and not very good at RP you also litreally just mic spammed when the admin told u to stop