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  1. I to see you again soon my man 👌👌
  2. SlenderBoi

    PD Changes

    Oh nice! I think they have already got someone covered for that though 😋😇
  3. SlenderBoi

    PD Changes

    Are you the map maker?
  4. We could maybe have some type of NPC you have to go to after you have completed a hit.
  5. Once someone that I don't even know just came up to me and was like "do you want a surprise" and just dropped me 1 mill for free.
  6. No problem man. Hoping to see you again soon. :)
  7. -1 I’m a better free runner 😉
  8. I think that it would be really good if you can pocket these things because it would make it so much easier selling on the street and it is kinda difficult to buy for example if you buy 3 joints you cant carry them all you have to hide them in a safe place 1 by 1. Ps. I think it would be good if rangers from wiremod could be added too.