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  1. +1 Fun to RP with, kind guy and really chill dude. Good luck on your app!
  2. Jedda79

    Moderator Age

    At this point every staff member will reply to this won’t they?
  3. If you try to access the denied page of the staff apps, it says you don’t have the permission to view this page.
  4. The denied page of the staff application says you don’t have permission. Did they change it?
  5. Jedda79


    Why was the ninja removed? I never played him so I don't know but I'm guessing he was broken?
  6. Jedda79

    Moderator Age

    Actually that's a pretty fair point. Thanks for clarifying.
  7. Jedda79

    Moderator Age

    Shouldn't there be a way to confirm how old a mod is? Whats stopping them from just Saying "Im 15 but I don't have a mic"?
  8. +1 Knows the rules, constantly active and always helps out on raids.
  9. Jedda79


    Hey wdym by Donate screen? which one?
  10. Jedda79


    I am a donator and have the rank in game but not on the forums or discord. What should I do?
  11. Jedda79

    Active warns

    Thanks, you can close this now.
  12. Jedda79

    Active warns

    What is an active warm as I’ve never got one? What’s the difference between an active and inactive warm?
  13. Please discard this when considering judgement. sorry but I find it kinda hard to believe you had enough time before the reset as you have no proof and you joined 1 hour ago.