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  1. Cracken

    Enable Kill Feed

    Revenge RDM can be dealt with swiftly but so can the initial instance of RDM if that truly is the case i just don't see a benefit towards adding it in dreamer made a statement that it is only 1% of the server pop that is represented however in most instances or server pop is made up of new players who fall into the referenced category it is far more then 1% i understand that your viewpoint is of how it benefits you it to be honest it would kinda be handy if our server was always full of honest people with a consistent effort to uphold the rules but sadly this just isn't the case and more often then not people will abuse this fact it hasn't inhibited RP in anyway after its removal so i just can't see a reason to add it back.
  2. Cracken

    Enable Kill Feed

    this also quite easily leads to metagame or revenge RDM if you have a query as to why you were killed best bet is to call an admin not to go harass the person who just killed you. -1
  3. Denied Low effort application.
  4. Denied I will have to agree with renaldo in the fact that you haven't been active in the community recently
  5. your ban was by frieza and here is the reason "RDMX2|LTAP|SB 1D"
  6. Accepted  Message me on discord and in game for your rank
  7. Cracken

    Ruds's Trusted App

    Denied Low effort application.
  8. Denied Low effort application.
  9. Denied Low effort application.
  10. Denied Low effort application.
  11. Denied Low effort application.
  12. We are unable to check exact times for you your ban will expire at some time today question answered