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  1. I'm more concerned over why you were dreaming of the server
  2. Oh...oh no, have fun in kiddie jail
  3. You trusted was removed before the update. All ranks got transferred afterwards. A week or two before the update, Cracken went through and removed all the inactive players trusted. You gain gain this back but replying.
  4. Reside

    wake up staff

    There's no point getting aggressive over it. Evidence is probably being reviewed and have or are talking to the staff member. Just wait please.
  5. As long as you're doing the right thing, I don't see the issue. . Sad to see you go and hope you do change your mind! Cya in the future!
  6. Reside

    Trusted application

    -1 This doesn't answer the question. I have never seen you online nor spoken to you and im on quite frequently, I feel as though you need to make yourself more known In the community as well as work on this application as it's lacking greatly.
  7. Easy to get along with and clearly has was it takes to lead PD and actually make it work! Why didnt you apply sooner? +1
  8. I wanna know what made you want to zoom in on the text
  9. But is it the server just not gmod in general? I do agree this is annoying because this comes up for me but everyone else is moving and talking expect me. It's the worst.
  10. Now you've exposed him, whats his girlfriend going to think? 😞
  11. Then what would be the point of a gun dealer role? Doesn't help the server economy if it was added.
  12. You should go into depth so of what they are so we can have an understanding and see if there's a common occuring rule you're breaking. It seems like it's going to show NLR being broken often which occured in a softban. I feel like this needs to be explained a bit more because you used a screenshot of you being banned like Renaldo said, it doesn't seem like you can be trusted if that's the case and should probably wait it out for a tad longer to show changed behavior.
  13. This doesn't answer the question at all. I think you should reread this.
  14. That would stump everyone, I don't even know my first day, it was months ago, if they've been afk farming it would be apparent as people wouldn't have interacted with them. We pick up on it when we've never seen certain people on the server yet that have 2D+.