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  1. -1 Plays league of legends and acts salty every single game we play
  2. Hello everyone my name is Neptune, I am a friendly ex-staff member and if some of you guys were wondering where I was. My computer was broken so I couldn't do anything so I decided to resigned and give up staff and now my computer is fixed but probably gonna play gmod less now. Supremacy Networks is my favourite darkrp server and I love KFC. Finally! I can MRDM now Love you guys!
  3. Welcome to Supremacy Networks, El Profesor!
  4. Neptune

    Moderator Age

    When I was 14, players thought I was around 16 or 17 y/o and thought I smoke because I sound dead lmfao.
  5. Neptune

    LED Screens

    +1 big brain time, this will be useful. also please use the template before the forum moderators goes crazy about it.
  6. See ya later butter cup and cheers for the discord DM mate
  7. You must have at least 24 active hours on the server to apply for trusted. Denied.