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  1. There is already a way to see if you were killed by a hit. When you die, in the bottom right of your screen a little popup says "Hit on You completed"
  2. Just pm a comm next time one is on with proof.
  3. All you need to do is complete the test that comms give you, in order to get a tazer.
  4. Even when you’re not playing on the server, you’re still playing. run while you still can
  5. Refresh the page or restart gmod
  6. Vodka Lara

    3 weeks

    Please elaborate
  7. I disagree, the police force is something that you shouldn’t be able to easily defend against.
  9. +1 Would be very useful, as the only current fix for this is to jump off the tallest building.
  10. Imagine not knowing you started to play on the... something.. of December.