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  1. You must include images of each dupe in your post, this is specified here:
  2. boop

    1. Boop Noodle
    2. Boop Noodle

      Boop Noodle

      What a gamer moment, milo saying boop on my profile :D

  3. Open your eyes and realise much management have donated of their own time and money. You ungrateful, self centred arsehole.
  4. Hey mate,

    Writing in regards to your latest reaction "stupid".

    No need to be an arsehole.


    1. Yeeter


      He’s probably gonna put a stupid react to this.

    2. mainstream


      sorry mate i do not mean it

    3. milo


      no worries mate.

  5. One thing I have learnt in life, an attitude like that will get you nowhere mate.
  6. milo

    trusted app

    //DENIED No effort put into application.
  7. I would have done the exact same thing. You broke the rule, it's that simple.