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  1. If you are wiring the prop's (fade) to another prop, that wont save....a good fix is connecting both prop's(FADE) to the DMG detector CLK. so the connection doesn't break and when you spawn your dupe down it'll work as intended. @precut_burrito72
  2. yow legit this video has been posted on forums like 5 times already, might as well delete your post cuz no one cares.
  3. Fix your weed bases, do not make props clip through the Weed Dealer enabling you to press E on the dealer without even leaving your base. @Judi This dupe apparently came from you, you sold it to Gnayihs. and I see this.
  5. I'd deep fry you instead
  6. Lets say he zooms on alot things on a daily basis.
  7. You are free to pursue that idea with people you know or on your own. Instead of having everyone follow.
  8. Rosette

    Trusted Application

    -1 You actively participated in basing with a Prostitute, Thug, Herbalist, and an unhired battle medic in Industrial(red house) With them saying the Mayor which was you, allowed it and you were all just fucking around. That BUILDING you lot were in as you stated was just a gathering place, but to my observation it had printers and the herbalist weed planys growing inside. If you want to be a role model witha trusted rank. Why cant you prevent this from happening? I told most of you to just change jobs and observed no one switching. You were present when I told them to fix their job combinations
  9. 1. No 2. Get used to the new stuff 3. Cant get used to it? You just suck. The new weapon pack was made to stop people from just using DB's and jump shooting like monkeys. The balance brought about by the new weapon pack was the recoil and the fact your aim gets worse the more you move,slowly killing the run-and-gun strat. Saying you want it back just proves that you are either a monkey or someone who can't adapt.
  10. Rosette

    Safety mode for gun

    I mean... just dont think about shooting..thats the closest we'll get to gun holsters
  11. the Alt+E you are talking about is probably Sit script, which has alot of lua errors that needs alot of work to fix, and if there is a spawnable chair you can sit on, someone, somehow, will find a way to abuse it such as throwing a person through props to get in a base and whatnot.