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  1. BIG +1

    • He can handle/control PD training and also be able to train them new probational officers into constable
    • Great knowledge of the rules and he knows that he has to set a great example/role model for them new officer that might want to try out for commissioner
    • Very mature
    • This application show great detail why he should be accepted also.


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  2. +1

    As your still only new to the server I see you on all the time as the past 3-4 days you've been on the server for at least 6+ hours a day. You are also willing to learn as you frequently ask a lot of questions and also very friendly when it comes to talking with you, your one warn shows that you have learnt the rules. I also liked when you said you'll be spending time helping out new players and setting an example.

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  3. +1

    As I've only seen you been more active recently you haven't been mingy what so ever and you are willing to help people out and I agree with Arily as you said what for AdvDupes you should go on more of the line saying you'll help the community out a little bit more and showing off your knowledge with the rules, also you got old warns which is good.

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  4. +1

    I've seen you around the server doing your bit as you only got 1 warn with 1 day playtime and in your app you mention it was kind of recent I feel like you can approve and try to not get in the wrong again. Only downside if you can add some more detail on this app or in the future add more details on apps thank you.


  5. -1

    As your warns aren't recent warns you show ways you can improve but the one massive down side to this app is it lacks in a lot of detail. If you could fix those minor things up and add some more detail I will consider changing my mind but from now its staying with the -1.


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  6. -1

    As from now I'm keeping it to a -1 as your app lacks in a lot of detail. I feel like if you put a little bit more time into your app and add a lot more detail I could possibly change my mind but for now I'm sticking with the -1. 

    Sorry but good luck!!!

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  7. -1

    Its a -1 from me sorry because I've hardly ever seen you on the server sorry I don't see you in OOC helping people out or anything maybe if these things change in the next few days I might change my mind but for now -1.



  8. I might be running a Talent Show tomorrow night 10pm AEST. 

    I just wanna know what kind of numbers I'll get because the prize people is kind of big.

    1st ) 100k

    2nd ) 50k

    3rd ) 25k

    If you don't want to participate but want to watch or even be a judge or security guard message me via dms here or discord (Brando#4530).

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