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  1. 'tis the season to be jolly!!! Pics have been added! Thank you to everyone who participated and Merry Christmas!
  2. I'm thinking your subconscious is just venting because you followed the rules well... God Job!
  3. Golden Crispy Waffles... None of those Floppy Pancakes
  4. +1 You are a very respectful player and you report rule breakers ASAP. I've never seen any negative side of you and you are a regular player on the server. I honestly do not know how you aren't trusted yet. You are capable of helping newer players while being trusted with extra perms.
  5. Cya mate and good luck with School. It can be a pain at times but it has to be done. See you when you get back!
  6. +1 Need more realistic RP in regards to hitmen
  7. You need to screenshot the in game time... Hold tab and press your name, then press F5. The link pops up as a pic when pasted.
  8. How do you still have your phone? The Police aren't doing their jobs properly...
  9. You better come visit sometime or ima put you in potato mode. Had some fun times raiding and basing, good luck with life and I hope to see you again soon!
  10. I'm gonna miss you. Won't forget them late nights we had staffing together. Keep your head up and good luck! I hope to see you come back and visit sometime.
  11. Edit the template into your original post
  12. You press E+R at the same time Depending on your gun it will switch from Auto to Semi Auto to Holster. Not too sure if some guns have a burst fire mode as I haven't used many of them.