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  1. I cant count the amount of fun experiences i've had on this server as this was my first gmod server i ever joined. The people i've met and the amount of time i've grinded in this game. I can honestly say after months of playing this is one of the most fun communities to play with as everyone (mostly) is friendly. I just realized after this update i wont have any time to hop on this server again. The amount of school work is just gonna pile up and i don't have enough time to play gmod. I've honestly enjoyed every hour i put into this server and into this game. Cya Epic Gamers - KowalskE
  2. cya man really fun experience playing with you ngl
  3. holy shit i was watching this and a hobo outside repeats it 0-0 also very epic
  4. you guys live in a home? i thought once you retire you just go homeless at least your getting fed
  5. and i quote "when i was staff" Confessions of a Madman Chapter 1
  6. Post Note: I'm not trying to defend any comm's / swat commanders. Remember this is only a suggestion that i think could be valuable to the police force. I feel like the Comm's only promote people that are prob const, which is good but only do tests sometimes for higher ranks and these tests are unbelievably hard & very rare. I feel like there should be a different way to get promoted in higher ranks. The only reason people only play police is because they enjoy getting promoted and going on warrants, arrests, etc. Tl;Dr: There should be a better way to promote police officers
  7. Big +1 Pretty sure hes the swat commander and hes doing such a good job and a active cop as well. GL
  8. slimey and tom m8 get rikkty rekt alexa play mlg montage earrape 10 hours edit: everyone be careful swipz has boom
  9. making 911 calls to police and annyoing the fuck out of renaldo