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  1. This, as well as the fact that you mentioned you're playing with 150-250 ping, which can absolutely contribute to connection issues on your end. Locking the thread as there's not really anything else to add.
  2. Please recreate this thread following the template, don't put all the info in the tags Additionally, the hour reset was months ago now, leaving plenty of time to build up the hours, feel free to reapply when you have 24 hours.
  3. Question answered as above. Contact any of the roots in discord, send a PM to: vayne#0666 ===== ,,#4126 ===== ml#9065
  4. Hopefully the above posts answers your question. Feel free to remake the thread if you have further questions.
  5. Can you offer any insight into his personality? What makes him trustworthy?
  6. Topic locked, no screenshots/not enough info.
  7. Are you still needing help with this @[Rainbow] 🅥 🅘 🅑 🅔?
  8. Lou


    Question answered.
  9. Lou

    Best Weed Seed Hybrid

    Question answered.
  10. Please read through this You need screenshots, failure to do so will result in this topic being locked.