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  1. no changes will be made to the battering ram, as it currently stands on the server it's functionality is fine. Police are suppose to be difficult to defend against, but with the correct base layout and weapons this should be a lot easier. I appreciate your suggestion, but this is not necessary. Reviewed
  2. [Notice 30/09/19] Thank you all for your patience, like mainstream stated management are working as hard as possible to ensure this update is perfected and creates the most enjoyable experience for all players when released. I can't say much in regards to it's release date, but you can rest assured that it is not that far away. Thank you again, for being patient during the past couple months of receiving no updates from this thread regarding the update. - Management
  3. best of luck in your exams, see you soon
  4. so you're suggesting sandbox? kind of find this pointless tbh, if you want to build you're more than welcome to hop into singleplayer to create your dupes. This will probably never happen, sorry.
  5. As stated previously by management, you can look towards seeing a player slot increase to 128 when we can push this major update for supremacy. We are using a dedicated box which is the same as the server you mentioned. The people on board with Supremacy development are more then competent when it comes to being able to optimize the server to handle 128 players.
  6. Reversing a payment (that you won't get back) will just get you banned from the server so when you run back 2 weeks from now you won't be able to play. Locking this thread now, OP is attention seeker and back seat admin (cringe). Like I said before aswell, don't make me find you on classic or it's back to the graveyard for you
  7. me and @tom12126 going to do some serious ownage to you if we find you on classic
  8. vayne


    Your suggestions lacks contrast and context, Although it seems like a good idea, this may be a more difficult and tedious task adding this into the economy than you think. Also, in most cases this addon would need to be made custom as most available mining addons are both of poor optimization but overall quality aswell. I don't see this coming to the server at this point in time or at all in the near future.
  9. vayne

    Slots / Casino

    I appreciate the fact you've supplied both a job along with its functionality and addons for this job. A replacement for wire slot machines has been in discussion with management for a while, and while I can't confirm anything at this point in time, you may see a substitute for slot machines coming within the next couple of months.
  10. Gang leader position will remain to be played by the public, with adding the whitelist tag of trusted to a common job this heavily binds players who aren't trusted to a small pool of jobs and like prox said, makes it seems you need to apply to play such a minor role. With the logic if saying rule breakers play these roles, the same can be said in theory for any class found on the server.
  11. You'll be happy to see reworks coming to these classes soon.