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  1. [Notice 30/09/19] Thank you all for your patience, like mainstream stated management are working as hard as possible to ensure this update is perfected and creates the most enjoyable experience for all players when released. I can't say much in regards to it's release date, but you can rest assured that it is not that far away. Thank you again, for being patient during the past couple months of receiving no updates from this thread regarding the update. - Management
  2. Reversing a payment (that you won't get back) will just get you banned from the server so when you run back 2 weeks from now you won't be able to play. Locking this thread now, OP is attention seeker and back seat admin (cringe). Like I said before aswell, don't make me find you on classic or it's back to the graveyard for you
  3. me and @tom12126 going to do some serious ownage to you if we find you on classic
  4. vayne


    Your suggestions lacks contrast and context, Although it seems like a good idea, this may be a more difficult and tedious task adding this into the economy than you think. Also, in most cases this addon would need to be made custom as most available mining addons are both of poor optimization but overall quality aswell. I don't see this coming to the server at this point in time or at all in the near future.
  5. vayne

    Slots / Casino

    I appreciate the fact you've supplied both a job along with its functionality and addons for this job. A replacement for wire slot machines has been in discussion with management for a while, and while I can't confirm anything at this point in time, you may see a substitute for slot machines coming within the next couple of months.
  6. Gang leader position will remain to be played by the public, with adding the whitelist tag of trusted to a common job this heavily binds players who aren't trusted to a small pool of jobs and like prox said, makes it seems you need to apply to play such a minor role. With the logic if saying rule breakers play these roles, the same can be said in theory for any class found on the server.
  7. You'll be happy to see reworks coming to these classes soon.
  8. Weapons will be reworked soon.
  9. The new update will entail a more user friendly prop list for both new and old builders.
  10. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, as someone who has played for a long time I can understand your frustration with the weapon balancing and how it heavily effects gameplay and your enjoyment on the server. In saying this, I can reassure you that we (management) will be reviewing and reassessing some of the weapons prevalent within the server at the moment.
  11. Hi Lachlan, could you please forward me a screenshot of your paypal transaction (receipt) along with your steam ID over discord. My discord is vayne#0666 and you can find me through the supremacy discord. I'll resolve this as quickly as I have the information. Thanks.
  12. vayne

    Consumable meth

    Although we appreciate the support behind this, the consumable meth was merely used for speed boosting and bhopping which is against server rules. Unless changes are made to reduce the speed and consumable time, I do not see this being put back into the server anytime soon.
  13. vayne

    More Jobs

    This is already available through the black market dealer. (Donator Class) Any passive roleplay jobs such as this one suggested can be created through setting your job title as a citizen. (Example: Lawyer) Mob have specifically been entitled to production of cocaine to better suit the purpose of the class as mob seemed to be disregarded before we made this change, so this is most unlikely to be changed but nothing is final. Although we appreciate the humor, mayor will continue to be titled mayor as it better suits the roleplay setting and environment on our serve Gang classes would'nt be necessary, battle medics are able to be hired for these sorts of situations and gangs are able to create a team comp and dedicate marksman if required, this should be done by the players not the jobs. Government healing has been in the talks but I cannot confirm anything in regards to this.
  14. vayne

    DJ Role

    When the Gmod devs actually get around to fixing the YouTube API to suit the current version of the game you will most likely see a return of this class. Until then, you're best to keep waiting. Thank you for your suggestion.