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  1. no forum ban means time to shitpost in ban appeals o.o

  2. tfw you get forum banned big time depression 

    1. Yeeter


      Wait no! What!??!?!

  3. smh rickey should've kept you at user 

    1. mainstream


      as if rickey has that authority 

    2. UnReal


      if snowie can manage to stay staff manager for two months, i think rickey can do anything

  4. uhh gas mask fetish? 😳 did i read that correctly
  5. UnReal

    its ya boi

    hehehe time to call you synapsy instead of synapse and annoy you
  6. UnReal

    Enable Kill Feed

    I must remind you that metagame isn't just knowing their jobs, but any OOC game information. If you're a cop and you get killed a by thief fairly and it shows that they had a 2H weapon and then you go tell another cop to want for it, that's metagaming. I think that's what Cracken is referencing. But yes, revenge RDM can be dealt with fairly easily so that's not the biggest of concerns.
  7. If you utilise shotguns like most of the server does, then damage detectors windows are not the best choice as they waste a potential shot, I will say this time and time but DD windows are barely viable, especially compared to buttoned windows w/ delay. I will provide an in-game example as why DD windows are inferior: Say you are defending your base against a raider and you've slowly chipped away at their health and now they're one shot away from death. However you are on your last bullet but to open your windows requires a bullet, either you shoot the window and let the raider deal damage or you buy ammo and waste plenty of time. But with the use of delayed windows (DW) you can still open and use your last bullet. I know this is a really specific example but regardless it points out a flaw in the system. DD windows are not bad at all, they work fine and you can easily work around these issues but the biggest issue is that people would choose DD over DW, even though the recipe is even easier than DD windows. Here's a how-to video on the subject:
  8. When using the forums' in-built text entry, you may see the toolbar above, to change colours press the capital A towards the end of the list, there are already some colours, but a pop up menu will provide more colours, under "More Colours". stream young scrolls
  9. yoshi hasn't gone to school for 2 months, you'll be fine
  10. UnReal


    neptune is a brony / weeb combo (cringe)
  11. UnReal

    No tag?

    Message a head admin for Discord and message a forum mod or head admin for forums rank.
  12. UnReal

    wire mod help

    I will explain the formula used for the perfect fading door window, the patented UnReal Estate design: You will need: A base plate (something like a 1x1 plate), the window (something like a 05x1 plate), the button (something like a squad2x4 plate), a constant value (w/ number values of 0 and 1) and a delay gate. Place your base plate upright and precision your window on top. Do not fade the window just yet. Assemble the wire parts, place the constant value and a gate for each window (you only need one constant value) and begin to make your window a custom model by doing wire_button_model "example.mdl" in your console. Place and precision the button on the side of the window on the defending side and start to wire. On the delay gate, wire Clk to the button, wire Delay to 0 and wire Hold to 1. Ensure that your button is not on toggle. Fade both the button and the window and wire Fade to the Delay Gate. Each window + button combo should have a different gate to wire to or else the system is made redundant. To be in complete complaince, ensure that you wire Fade on the window to the button's FadeActive, that way your windows can be battering rammed and shot through. (Note: I don't know if this is just bad luck on my part, but doing this isn't dupe friendly, so I recommend just leaving it out of your dupe and redoing it everytime you paste it, it only takes a minute or two).
  13. skyrim lockpicking is chad oblivion on the other hand >.>