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  1. -1

    Hello CU in NT! I have some constructive criticism to give to you about your application...

    - Confident and good roleplayer when I have encountered you
    - Understanding of the rules (old warns)

    - Very low effort application in all fields and questions
    - 14 years old. I do not know if you have sought permission from Rickey or other members of staff
    - Homophobic

    In this case, the CONS far outweigh the PROS. Unfortunately, this had lead to me -1

    I look forward to seeing you grow and develop on the server. 


    - Gerardo

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  2. BUMP

    Again, another bump in let everyone know that I am staying as active as I can. With school going back, it is harder for me to get as much playtime as I would like, however, I still remain active in the time periods I can, as well as most of the time on weekends!

    Thank you all for the feedback so far. I really appreciate it!

    - Gerardo

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  3. -1 

    Look, I can say you raise some good points, however your application doesn’t follow the format. Personally I don’t really know you, however, I don’t want to judge your application and chances based on if I know you. The experience you’ve have with staffing in the past suggests that you are reliable, but considering you only have two days playtime, I feel you might be rushing into it because you “meet the criteria”. 

    You also explained how you dealt with situations in the past. Whilst this is good for the people who read and accept/deny applications, it doesn’t really showcase your maturity or ability to staff as you simply explain how to moderate.


    Good luck though! I’ll see you round!

    - Gerardo

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  4. What is it?

    This patented anti-scam gambling machine uses a new method of Wiremod to stop the possibility of people scamming your machine using the stacked money exploit. The stacked money exploit involves the exploitation of Wiremod to increase the overall winnings of the user. This machine circumvents this and allows people to gamble at your machine while you can rest assured that your money will not be won un-lawfully. The machine also features a rainbow border (courtesy of @Andy Prevatt and his smooth rainbow Wiremod gadget) and a counter that shows how much money is remaining in the machine.

    The machine is currently set up to roll over 70 to x2 your money.


    How does it work?

    Trade secret my friend, trade secret...


    How much?

    I have put time and effort into working out how to make a gambling machine scam proof, so the base price will be

    $ 9 0 0 , 0 0 0

    This price is of course negotiable, within reason


    How can I get in contact with you?

    1 - Commenting on this post lets me know that you are interested

    2 - Message me on Discord! My tag is: (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ M A T T ♥#0875

    3 - If you see me in-game, send me a /pm


    Can I see what it looks like?

    Absolutely! See the attached images on this post!




  5. BUMP

    This bump for my application is more to let everyone, both past commenters and future commenters know that I am still consistently active on the server as much as I can be. School has gone back for me (in person, not online), so I will be most online during weekends, however, I aim to be active after school as well (after homework is done, 😅).

    Thank you to everyone who has +1'd and -1'd so far! I really appreciate all the feedback as it allows me to improve and become a better and active member.
    Stay safe!

    - Gerardo

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  6. 11 hours ago, Vintage Spehy said:


    You just came back and reapplied without being active within the community for atleast 1 week (like yoshi and Zoee said)

    Were you by any chance esc? Bc I am Familiar with the name esc and not the name Gerardo Escobar

    Other than that 2 Long Time inactive warns proves you understand the rules

    No bans or Black lists proves You Understand the rules even more

    If I missed something sorry


    Thank you, Vintage!

    No, I am not ‘esc’. I do know who you are referring to though. I appreciate your feedback. 

    Have a good one! 
    - Gerardo

  7. 40 minutes ago, NeuTron said:

    Just to clarify, the Gray Blocks are buildings. If you have any critiques just ask and I will fix it 

    Sincerely, Jack Kannoff

    God you are a lad. Thank you so much!!


    - Gerardo

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    I have looked at the playtime screenshot and it appears to be ultra low-rez. Below, I have directly linked a screenshot to my playtime, which (from the date of the posted application) has gained about 1 extra days worth of time. Hopefully this helps previous/new commenters give feedback!

    Thank you!

    - Gerardo


  9. I have seen you in and around the server, and most of the time you RP well. 1 weeks worth of play time shows your dedication and I think rewarding you Trusted will be a beneficiary to your time and effort. Things to watch out for are your warnings and ability to follow rules, and getting Trusted is a privilege, not a right, so don’t get too cocky or use the tools given to you the wrong way.

    Whilst I absolutely hate the clan SKETCHERS, I will give you a 


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  10. After reviewing the application and having played with you in the past, I believe you are an excellent re-addition to the staffing team.
    You take roleplay seriously but you are also very relaxed and handle situations in a calm and mature manner.


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  11. Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:156869088
    Steam Community Profile Page Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/molybdenumoxide/
    Discord Tag: (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ M A T T ♥#0875
    Roleplay name: Gerardo Escobar
    Age: 16
    What country do you live in?: Australia
    How much game time do you have? (Post a screenshot)https://imgur.com/eP0n53z SEE 'UPDATE' COMMENT POSTED BY MYSELF
    What is your current rank in-game (e.g.: User, Trusted, etc)?: Trusted
    Do you have any past staffing experience?: Yes. I have previously moderated on this server a while back. I have also started up my own Discord servers, one of which reached just about 400 members and the other currently has 170. 
    Do you have a microphone that you can use to assist you while dealing with players?: Yes
    Do you have any warns on the server? (Provide a screenshot) If so, how many and what for? (Check using !warns): I currently have 2 warnings, one of which is for Metagaming and FailRP, the other is for FailRP and LTAPL. These were both given to me last year (2019) in December. They are no longer active and I have not gotten any new warnings since then. (SCREENSHOT: https://imgur.com/ytMz3ab)
    Do you have any blacklists/softbans? If so, how many and what for?: None


    Why should the staff team accept you as a Moderator on Supremacy Network?: After being staff on the server back earlier this year, I learnt a lot about resilience and team work. This came in the form of dealing with other players. However, I did make some questionable decisions back then, which lead to my staff being revoked. Since then, I have taken the time to reflect on my behaviours during that time and have also taken the liberty to develop my problem solving, reasoning and correct judgment in order to lead to be a more refined and capable member of staff. I possess the fundamental qualities that Supremacy Network's recruitment team look for, which involve problem solving, attitude under stress, teamwork and ethics and having fun. First of all, I always strive to assess the outcome of a situation effectively and make a decision based on this evaluation. This leads to calculated and correct punishments or consequences to perpetrators and/or rule breakers. Problem solving is a strong area of mine, as I also enjoy mathematics and IT work. Problem solving is a huge aspect of these fields, thus attributing to my ability to staff effectively. My attitude under stress is calm and collected. I do not let my bias or other peoples opinion influence my decision and I do not let stress get me into trouble or lead to and incorrect decision. My teamwork and ethics are paramount when it comes to moderating a large server such as Supremacy Networks. I always love to collaborate with other members of the server to create a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone. I strive to follow all the rules and if I know that my friend or myself is/are breaking one or more rules, then you can rest assured that I will correct the issue ASAP. To conclude, I love to have fun. I can take a joke easily and I enjoy laughing and socialising with members of Supremacy and the wider community. I always double check with admins/players if I'm unsure of anything to make sure I don't break the rules. The lack of warns I have had in the past demonstrates that I am a trustworthy person and very deserved of the Moderator role. 

    Discuss your ability to work as a team and give examples that demonstrate this: I have recently started work at a local McDonalds (I know, it's Macca's, but it provides some essential roles that can be used later in life) and have learnt a lot about resilience and teamwork. McDonalds is a fast-paced and stressful environment where teamwork and collaboration is essential to proper functions and efficient work. This, much like other jobs, can be related to staffing and moderating a server. Customer server at McDonalds is similar to taking admin sits for people; it requires patience and persistence. I have learnt a lot from McDonalds and have also picked up some key traits that are useful for moderating. These include but are not limited to; resilience, perseverance, teamwork, rule-following and promptness. All of these combined prove as useful traits to have when moderator or working and place which deals with many people per day. 

    Do you understand that Supremacy Network server(s) are to be monitored sensibly and your duties are to be taken seriously at all times?: I understand what is required of me to moderate the server effectively with no faults or incorrect decisions. I am also aware (now more fully than ever) that misbehaviour and/or abuse of the staff tools will result in immediate termination of my status. I have taken my time to review my previous behaviours, and have evaluated my ethics to ensure a safer and happier community and staff team. 

    I would like to thank everyone for their time in reading my re-application. I have reviewed my our ethics and behaviours and can assure everyone, including Rickey Succ, all the Enforcers and the rest of the community that I will not abuse staff powers or break the rules. I wish everyone the best through COVID and the pandemic, and I hope everyone stays safe!

    Stay safe everyone! 
    - Gerardo



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  12. Very, very low effort application, especially in the question area. Considering the stuff people have accused you of doing and the way I’ve seen you treat people too, I don’t think you are a fit for staff, and the fact your application is low effort could reflect your commitment to staff.


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