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  1. Hello all! I have seen people reply to my applications and others with different coloured text (green for +1, red for -1). Would anyone know how to do that? Thanks
  2. Hello! i have based with Lad, and he is a very nice person and very outgoing. He doesn’t break the rules often and is always there to point you in the right direction //+1 from me
  3. Hey! Thanks Bill!! I guess it’s just something that we have to deal with. Maybe ADV Dupe will get an update soon but I’ll just have to deal with re-wiring the moneypots to the Delay and Multiply gates. Thanks for your help!!
  4. Hello all!! So recently I’ve been making dupes that use WireMod and moneypots! They WireMod gates and what not connect to the money pot and work perfectly normal until I duplicate them. In which this case, when I paste the dupe, ALL wires that Connect to moneypots fail to work and I have to rewire them. I have tried everything from re-duping to re-saving... nothing. Nothing works. Could someone please point me in the right direction? Am I missing a workshop add on? Do I need to clear all server content then try again? Thanks All!!!