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  1. OMG SAME!!! i made a forum post too . Let's both hope for an answer ;((
  2. Please include more answers. From my experience with this person , its a -1.
  3. You need atleast 24H to apply for Trusted . However , i've seen you play and roleplay multiple times in the server. As in my experience with you , it's a +1 from me.
  4. Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:214669921 Steam Community Profile Page Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/itsyaboiterra/ Roleplay name: TerrA How much game time do you have? (Post a screenshot): Currently 2D + , i dont know how to screenshot welp How many warns do you have (use !warns in game)?: More than 10 (due to new to gmod) Do you have any blacklists/softbans and what were they for?: I was blacklisted for Prop and Weapon once , that's all Why do you believe you should be trusted?:I just want to try out the other jobs that are available How well known are you within the 'Supremacy Networks' community?: Some people know me How will you set a standard for players without staff powers with your trusted rank?: I have decided to be a good person and participate in good events like Dan Kakapo's Giving Centre and etc Do you agree to use the tools (advdupe, stacker etc.) that come with this rank properly?: Yes. Do you agree to use the jobs (Rapist and SWAT) properly and follow their job rules?: Yes Do you understand that being trusted is a privilege and breaking rules or abusing the tools/jobs that you receive will get your rank stripped?