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  1. How to install Chromiumx86 Beta on Garry's Mod Hi all, With the new Nightclub manager role, we want you to be able to use the job to it's full potential. In order to do this however, you must change your Garry's Mod property beta to Chromiumx86. Using this beta of Garry's Mod, you will be able to hear the music being played through the control panel, so whilst it isn't a necessity, it is highly recommended and will not impact your game nor the way you play the server. This thread should be able to help you change your game to Chromium. Just some quick notes before we start: You will need to have your game closed. This beta will not impact the way you play Garry's Mod. You will not loose any files or addons that you previously had installed. With that out of the way, lets begin! Step 1: With Garry's Mod closed, open your Steam library, right-click on Garry's Mod, then select the "Properties" option. Step 2: Select the "BETAS" tab at the top, and proceed select the "x86-64 - Chromium + 64-bit binaries" option in the "Select the beta you would like to opt into" drop down menu. Step 3: *Once you select this option, then click "CLOSE", your Garry's Mod game should begin a small 150-200 mb download to update the game files.* Now all you need to do is launch Garry's Mod and select the "Launch Garry's Mod (64-bit)" option, then click "PLAY". After this, you should be able to hear the music from the control panel. Chromium is also very efficient at fixing little problems like Lua Panic "Not Enough Memory" issues and more. If you have any questions please message me on discord and I will try to help you to the best of my abilities. - Thanks, Management
  2. Introducing our new map, Danktown! On behalf of the management team, I am excited to announce the release of this our new map! From a community perspective, we see this as a stride in the right direction in terms of being Australia's best and first fully custom DarkRP experience. Our new map Danktown will boast an impressive new array of features available to the player as well as additional of new custom roles and content. Over the last few years we have grown exponentially as a community and we truly appreciate your dedication to us. We sincerely hope you're excited to take this next step with us! FAQ Below FAQ Are there going to be any new areas added to the map? Yes. There are new areas and buildings that have been added to the map, including but not limited to a new dedicated nightclub, hobo base, medical facility and church. Will there be new content & roles released along with this new map change? Yes. There has been new content added along with the new map which will improve roleplay and give players more opportunities. However, there will be even more new content and roles released later down the line. Will I need to modify my game in order to use the new content? You do not need to, but it is highly recommended. In order to hear the music, you need to be running the Chromiumx86 beta. You can download Chromiumx86-64 by following the instructions made here: Will my dupes from the old map work on Dantown? Yes. However, you will need to find new areas to place them as the buildings have been completely changed. How much bigger will the map be in comparison to rp_downtown_sup? It is roughly the same size, however, it feels much bigger in comparison to rp_downtown_sup due to the world buildings being closer together. Will there be a new dedicated event room? Yes. The map includes a new, much bigger event room for OOC events and roleplay opportunities like Police training and etc. Is there going to be a new sewer for Junkies? Yes. The map includes a more compact, roleplay friendly sewer area for Junkies to roam. Will there be a day/night cycle? No. The management team have perfected the lighting in all parts of the map and this day/night cycle would take away from the impressive lighting. Will there be more areas to build in? Yes. The new map allows for a wider range of places to build. Will there be changes to the Police Department? Yes. Danktown comes with a brand new, much bigger police department with new holding cells and a larger, more organised layout. Where will police be able to store their printers in the new Police Department? No. Police officers will no longer be able to place down printers in the new map change. Will there be changes to the arresting system on the new map? No. Officer Tom has already transferred into the new Police Department ready to process criminals. Will there be any changes to the NPC's and their respective locations? Yes. Whilst the NPC's functionality will remain the same, their locations will be discovered the more you play! Will the Mob still be allowed to make territories in parts of the new map? No. We have removed the ability for the Mob to sanction off parts of the map to make territories. Are there going to be changes to the building rules? Yes, there has been slight changes to the building rules. Make sure you re-read the rules to ensure that you are up to date with them. Are there going to be changes to the prop limits? Yes, the prop limit has been slightly lowered. Are there going to be changes to wire? Yes. We have increased the wiremod limit. Note: In its current stage, Danktown is in its early stage of beta, and the buildings and areas may be subject to change over the course of development until its final version.
  3. Notes Hello Everyone! Just a quick content update today as most of our development time lately is going towards finishing our new map. [New Content] - Cocaine manufacturer job has been added - New cocaine system - Riot shields for police - Police 911 hud - New playermodels for mafia boss and gangster jobs - New post load screen and spawn system added [Update log] - Player data Desync issues fixed - /gang chat added - Fixed junkies being able to pickup weapons - Removed the ability for police to disguise as police - Fixed prop whitelist not showing up for new players - Fixed possible lag issues in regards to weapons - Fixed taser cable bug (taser cables wouldn't despawn in certain situations) - Weapons purchased through the !store will no longer set off metal detectors / be counted as illegal weapons - Job weapons will no longer set off metal detectors (Eg Assassin sniper rifle) - Battering ram changes (easier to use, always stays "armed") - Tazer ammo being removed after kidnapping/rape etc has been fixed. - Weed prices adjusted. - Riot shields added to police armory. [Forums] - Redesigned forum userbars.
  4. [21/10/2019] - Begun hidden preparations for Christmas update - Added animations to /rape - Added animations to /sex - Added checks to /rape and /sex on cuffed players - Prostitute can now set sex /price - Fixed Swat Sniper armor bug - Adjusted swat vendor prices - Tazer can now be switched mid taze - Fixed tazer strings bugging out - Fixed tazer bug that froze people outside the map until rejoin - Fixed keypad cracker client side lua error - Fixed ghosted props being toolgun'd to bypass prop protection - Fixed weapon drop spam exploit - Fixed shipment dupe exploit
  5. [7/10/2019] - Fixed textscreen not being able to be remover tooled - Cocaine tweaked to make it more viable - Meth cook has been fixed and renabled - Meth entity prices adjusted and profit increased - Fixed tazer teleporting and freezing people outside of the world - Fixed tazer removing weapons - Blocked people being able to eat their own poop while in cuffs - Blocked the ability for people to place hits while restrained and while in prison
  6. Notes The following are patch notes for minor development done on the server since the server update a few days ago, its not necessary to know this information but its just here for those curious. This thread will continue to get updated as we fix more bugs and implement more of your suggestions. [6/10/2019] - Metal detectors now un-disguise disguised players. - Metal detectors are no longer able to be set off by police. - Metal detectors have been restricted to being purchasable by police only. - Police no longer lose karma for killing criminals - Police armoury prices have been adjusted to make playing cop less expensive - Server events have been adjusted (Burgatron disabled) - Mayor is immune to hits during the grace period - Government jobs are restricted from placing hits - Arrest reasons fixed [5/10/2019] - Unbox fixed - Police constables or higher now spawn with glocks - Swat roles are no longer restricted to trusted or higher - Hydro pots and watertank are no longer restricted to trusted or higher - Lockpicking handcuffs fixed - Players can now free kidnapped / restrained players by pressing the use key on them - Police get money for arresting criminals when more than 30 people are online. (The amount you get scales with the criminals karma) - Blocked the possibility of cuffed or jailed players starting raids. - Junkies don't get auto slain when teleported to the sit room. - Added hit cool down. (You can't have a hit placed on you for 10 minutes after a successful hit) - Hitmen that die to a hit target are now job banned for 2 minutes, to stop them breaking NLR. - Police now get karma for arresting. - Fixed jail bounds - Meth cook temporarily disabled as we investigate an issue regarding the job.
  7. Update Brief The new gamemode is a complete rewrite of Falcos DarkRP, from a clients perspective there won't be many noticeable differences in terms of gameplay. The intention of the rewrite was to create a gamemode which was suited for us, the public darkrp gamemode is developed in way that anyone can install it within minutes. This results in major overhead and unnecessary features which aren't used, immensely decreasing client and server performance. Alongside this Falcos DarkRP uses many outdated gLUA functions and methods further decreasing performance. Major Update Features Employment System Integration Roles which are intended for hiring will now use the hiring system. This system allows an employer (almost every role on the server) to easily hire employees. Roles which can be employed include: PMC, Battle Medic, Security Guard & Mercenary. When a player chooses to employee, the employee has a choice to accept or deny this job request. Hit/Bounty System The hit system has been completely revamped into a bounty system. Targets may be killed by any hitman/assassin, targets will be listed on the top right of the client hud. Organisations (Org/s) The gang system has been replaced with Organisations. Many of the features from the old gang system have been removed as they were rarely used. This new system includes the features that are important. Org features include: - Custom Organisation Ranks - Custom Organisation MOTD - Custom Organisation Tag Colour [For premium orgs] For the first week of the update vayne will be handing out free premium org upgrades for VIP and Trusted players, Pm him on discord to receive your free premium org upgrade. Karma System Karma will be a new system all users will get to love with the release of this update. Do you like to play on the edge, your experience made up entirely of raiding, murder and robbery? This lifestyle will show off greatly on your karma score, as you'll most likely sit around an overall 0. Although this may seem like nothing but a number, Karma actually reflects greatly on your interaction with roleplay functionality within the update. The lower the karma means the longer the jail the time, the more expensive bail is etc. The higher the karma however, the more advantages you gain, you're faced with shorter jail times instead of the long sentences of someone with lower karma. Playtime All jobs that either spawn with a weapon or have any abusive power such as access to the spawning of weapons have been locked to a 2 hour required playtime. The jobs that have been affected by this security measure are: - Hitman - Gun Dealer - Police - Mob Boss Camera and Fists sweps have been removed from the default kit, Now 2 hours or more playtime will be required to spawn with these. Automated Police Wanting Commit a crime infront of a police officer? If you're in their line of site or vicinity, you will be automatically wanted for the crime that you commited. Examples for this are prostitution and rape. F4 Menu Actions Some roleplay features are no longer client only and will appear in proximity to players within a set distance. These features are: - Flip a coin - Draw a card - Roll the dice - Roll a random number New Weapon Base It's time to say goodbye to the beloved M9K weapon base and time to welcome our custom weapon base. The new weapon base will consist of a variety of weapons, some familiar to players who have played CSS before. These weapons have been balanced accordingly and all weapons have a critical role in certain skirmishes and we are looking forward to the players trying these first hand. A full list of these weapons can be found below: Addon Changes/Updates SWEPs [+ New] Combo Fist [+ New] Pimp Hand [+ New] Taser [= Rewrite] New Climb SWEP System [= Rewrite] Suicide Bomb Entities [+ New] Metal Detector: Automated weapon checker [+ New] Disguise Kit: Disguise as other jobs [+ New] Dumpster: Scavenge for meth and other goodies as a hobo [= Rewrite] Arrest NPC (Now integrated with the arrest system of the gamemode) [= Rewrite] Police Armoury [- Removed] Health and Armor stations: Gundealers and black market dealers now sell kevlar and police can get Armor from the armory NPCs [+ Changed] Cocaine Dealer is now 'Pablo' [+ Changed] Weed Dealer is now 'Jerome' [+ Changed] Meth Dealer is now 'Vladimir' Tools [+ New] Unbreakable: A measure to making sure your dynamic wooden chairs wont break under gunfire. [+ New] Staff: Staff ranks now have access to playercolorizer, light and lamp tools [= Rewrite] Textscreen: Optimisation, new fonts and a better overall look. [= Rewrite] Stacker: More exploits have been fixed out of our stacker tool. [= Rewrite] Precision: More exploits have been fixed out of our precision tool. Job Changes [+ New] Thug [+ New] Pimp [+ New] Prostitute [+ New] Hacker [= Rework] Undercover Cop: Undercover police officers can now go undercover/disguise as other jobs, Cooldown time scales with rank [= Rework] Juggernaut: Juggernaut armor values now scale dependant on rank [= Rework] Assassin: Assassin can now disguise as other jobs [= Rework] Junkie: Reworked junkie job and added new features [= Changed] Mercenary Model [= Changed] Juggernaut Model [- Removed] Crips & Bloods [- Removed] Ninja Wiremod All of the items which were blacklisted are now completely removed from the server, cleaning up the wiremod browser. Along with that wiremod has been optimised with many exploits fixed and may be seen accessible for non trusted ranks in future. Some wiremod features have unfortunately been disabled while they are fixed (This includes rangers). Third-person Simple third person has been replaced with our new improved system which includes free look when pressing ALT (similar to Arma, rust etc.) and offset options. Hats You now have wearable hats that can be purchased and displayed on your model (Hats require tf2 to be installed to be seen), these can also be bought through credits. User Interface Updates New Client HUD A big change for some users, our new update introduces are more organised, sleek user interface which tracks all the users needs out of sight from gameplay. F4 Menu Our F4 menu has also seen a change, with the introduction to the employment section mentioned earlier but also with new icons for sections on our f4 new and old. Behind The Scene Updates Admin System The admin system has been changed as we are no longer using serverguard, this will hopefully increase the ease of use when it comes to administration and hopefully will be a more fluid and easy-to-use system. A notable feature for all community members is our new "admin mode", when staff are not in admin mode they cannot use noclip or any other easily abused features. This aims to mitigate staff abuse, allowing for an equal experience across the community. Prop Protection Falco Prop Protection (FPP) is implemented alongside Falcos DarkRP. With the un-optimised nature of DarkRP, we have decided to not use FPP and instead a rewritten prop protection, directly interacting with the new gamemode. While testing this prop protection we have noticed a massive performance increase compared to FPP. Whitelist The new prop protection now uses a whitelist, the list of whitelisted items may found in the spawnmenu in the "Supremacy Whitelist" tab. A lot of props you may have used for building could be excluded from the whitelist, if there are props you feel absolutely essential for building speak to a head admin or higher and they will see what they can do about adding to the whitelist. Credit Store Introduction With the new update comes new packages for the users to pick up to help supports supremacy's development. On the credit store panel you can find a range of items available for purchase. Some of these items include: - Hats - Weapons - Credit Bundles - VIP Benefits - Events In saying this, it will still not be necessary to donate in order to progress past a certain point that is deemed unattainable. All that is available for purchase within the credit store is obtainable without any payments. Miscellaneous uTime has been removed and we now use the time logged within our gamemode, the new game time can be found in the scoreboard Ammo is no longer an entity and is purchased when accessed through the F4 menu. Taunting/Acts are now handled through the Context Menu (C) Questions So it's a different "Gamemode"? Yes and no. The gamemode is still DarkRP and the gameplay is the same. What makes it a different "gamemode" are the changes at the back end. Will i keep my ingame rank? Yes, however we transferred ranks the day before the update, If you are missing your VIP or trusted rank pm a Head Admin or higher on discord with proof of donation or a link to your trusted application Will my money be reset? Money will not be reset, we were able to convert your old money to the new database. Will my playtime be reset? Yes unfortunately your current playtime will be reset in the new update, If you have screenshot proof of your playtime and speak to a head admin they may restore it for you. Do I still have my knives? Yes, you still have your knives. What happens to my bank items? Unfortunately your bank items have been cleared as we now have the new pocket system. TLDR This is the biggest update for Supremacy to date. There has been many changes to jobs, server performance & optimisation, administration system, prop protection and general gamemode features. You can find the full list of changes above. We hope you enjoy this new update as we have worked very hard to make this as good as possible. Kudos A special thanks to the management and staff team for helping test and create this update. We also can't forget the players, who made all of this possible. Thank you for your patience. If you find any bugs while playing please report them in the #bug-report channel in discord or pm root directly. Keep in mind these update notes are just key points and there are further changes not documented.