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    Hi, As you probably are all well aware with the current circumstances going on in the world with COVID-19. During this time we expect the server to be fairly populated with players who are now unable to attend their work and education responsibilities. We ask that you all be patient with the staff who will likely be overwhelmed with tickets caused by the influx of players and server popularity. Should you have any issues or questions, please message a member of staff. On a serious note however, please look after yourselves and follow the rules instructed by your local government. We want you all to be safe and able to continue playing on our server and being apart of our community. We want to ensure you that we are still going to do our best to make sure we moderate the server appropriately and to the best of our abilities. Thank you all for your continued support, we sincerely appreciate it.
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    General Rules Any harm towards the server is not tolerated. Don't randomly kill someone (RDM - Random Death Match). Don't harass or annoy other players. Racism, sexism or any other forms of discrimination are not tolerated. Don't spam. This includes voice chat, OOC chat, adverts, or any other methods of communication. Don't prop minge. This includes prop climb, surf, kill, block, bridge, push, trap or spam. Bunny-hopping is classified as FailRP. No jobs shall bunny-hop around the map, with the exception of the Freerunner class (review the specific Freerunner rules in Criminal Rules & Guidelines for further details). Scamming/stealing during any roleplay transactions is not allowed whatsoever. Cheating in any form is not allowed, this includes scripts or exploiting plugins. Don't take an admin situation into your own hands. When casting a demotion, discuss why in /OOC first and give time for the person being demoted to respond. Eg: /OOC Demotion of Milo for FailRP and NLR any objections? (You may not demote players while staff are online, this does not apply to roleplay demotions Eg: Mayor demoting police officer for corruption) Do not start a vote if objections are raised. You can not counter without roleplay relation (does not apply to raids). Roleplay relation occurs when you are in the same gang/organisation and are also playing raiding classes like Thief, Pro Thief, Freerunner and Thug. Building & Base Rules General Do not interfere with people that have a "Building" sign. However, this rule is irrelevant if they have any valuable entities inside their base. You may not own more than one base at a time. Do not build inside/on buildings that you do not own. Unrealistic bases are not allowed (sky bases, bases hanging over roads etc.) You cannot block key routes or build on roads or footpaths. This includes making toll booths for either roads or tunnels. (Exceptions may be made for roleplay purposes eg: a table out front of your house, police weapon-check points etc. however, that is the staff's judgement. Gambling machines or buildings that contain valuables are strictly prohibited from being built on roads or footpaths). You cannot build near any of the NPC's. This includes building on top of the roof and building in its surrounding areas. (World bases are exempt from this) You cannot build a base or store printers inside of the hobo cave. Bases that require crouching, jumping, or alter your speed or movement in any way are disallowed. (No mazes, traps, jumps, fading door bridges, kill boxes or shooting gaps which require the raider to crouch). Do not create tiny cracks in your base that raiders cannot see (such as head shot and foot shot traps). No disorienting advantages such as black and invisible props. Trespassing into someone's property gives them the right to kill you without warning. It is highly recommended to mark KOS areas with a red rope, text screen, or door as a warning to others not to enter. Walking into a public shop (Such as a cafe, club, bar, etc) is not considered trespassing. No KOS signs/areas on public property. This includes KOS signs and lines for the sidewalk. No hidden nocollide entrances, if you have a nocollide entrance it must be clearly distinguishable Base walkways/tunnels must allow two players to be able to move side by side and pass each other with minimal effort, meaning no jumping, crouching etc (no extremely precise tunnels designed to hinder movement). You cannot have exaggerated KOS tunnels. It must not be larger than approximately 6 players long. No one-way shooting fences (raiders must be able to see who is shooting them), one-way non-shoot through props are fine. No one-way fading door windows. No using nocollided props/windows which you walk through to shoot out. This includes oneway nocollides that other players can't walk in both directions through You may have 2 fading doors for entry and 2 fading doors to protect your entities. You may use an unlimited amount of locked map doors, however, if your map door locked amount is 3 or above you cannot add fading doors for entry (entity fading doors are not affected by this). Any fading prop that you can fit through is determined as an entry door. You must not hide printers/valuables in obscure, hidden or difficult to reach places (such as hiding printers in rocks, props or map doors). You may not destroy your valuables in a raid to prevent them from being stolen. Leaving and then rejoining within 15 minutes to avoid printer loss and get them back is considered FailRP. Bank Only bankers and security (hired by a banker) can build in the bank. This includes roleplay structures and defences. You can only raid the bank once every 15 mins. Doors You must give the intruder the option to lockpick and keypad crack. You must not use props in a way that forces raiders to keypad crack. Do not abuse the fading door tool (using your keybind to constantly open and close it). Opening the fading door with your keybind during a raid or to escape an RP event is strictly forbidden. You may use an unlimited amount of locked map doors. If your map door locked amount is 3 or above you cannot add fading doors for entry. You may use a maximum amount of two fading doors for entry at any time. You may have 2 additional locked doors for small storages of entities (printer racks, small boxes with items inside etc). Keypads must be connected to a working fading door. Keypads must have a hold length minimum of 4 seconds for fading doors. Keypads must be placed near the door that they open and be in plain sight. Windows Fading door windows must stay open for a minimum of one second. Mega Bases Your base should not block direct paths/roads. All houses/areas should be occupied within the base and have a purpose. Gambling Machines Gambling machines must drop all money contained when raided. Money must drop clearly in front of the raider when raided. Gambling machines are only required to be keypad crackable. The keypad to collect the money must be clearly shown and accessible. Auto collection of money through users or other means is not allowed. To collect money from your machine you must use the keypad. Collecting money from your machine as the owner is not an RP transaction and your money may be stolen/robbed while attempting to do so. Stealing someone else's money (not the owner) trying to gamble is considered stealing from an RP transaction. Default Laws Owning a small one-handed weapon (1h pistol, melee weapon, etc) is legal. [Always] Two handed weapons are illegal (unless you own a gun license). Black Market weapons are deemed illegal unless stated otherwise. Murder, assault, robbery and raiding are illegal activities. [Always] Open carry is illegal (Police must warn first and may only arrest that player.) Firing off any gun in public for any reason is illegal. Prostitution is illegal. Money printers are illegal unless stored in a bank vault. Important Rule Definitions Random Death Match (RDM) Killing without a valid RP reason. You may always defend yourself if you're being attacked Metagaming Using information that your RP character does not know. Using out-of-character (OOC) information in-character. Identifying and discriminating against a players job (Excluding Government, Mafia. They have a distinct uniform). Roleplay Mechanics Warnings When warning another player, your warn must be broadcasted in /yell. Only one warning is required, after that if the player continues what they are doing, you may shoot them. You may only warn for valid RP reasons (trespassing in your base, attempting to steal something of yours, etc). Mayor's Grace Mayor's grace is voided whenever the mayor starts a lottery or changes the law. Absolutely anything RP related voids the grace. The mayor may not be killed during Mayor Grace without valid reasoning. For example, shooting at someone or attempting to stop a raid is a valid reason to kill the mayor. You may not camp the mayors office during his grace with the purpose of killing him afterwards. Declaring War Gangs (Mob boss, gangsters or a group of thugs) can wage war against the Government. No gangs are at war by default. To start a war the gang leader must /advert who the war is against and ask them to accept. Gangs must have at least 2 members (a leader and one member) to commence a war. If the opposing party declines or doesn't reply you cannot commence a war. The Government cannot initiate a war, but the Mayor (or Police Commissioner if no Mayor) can accept a war declaration. The war is over when all members of a gang/group are killed once each. Once you have died during a war, you cannot rearm and walk around with a gun trying to involve yourself again. You must /advert War Over once all members have been killed. Each group has their own 10 minute 'war cooldown' where they must wait before they can participate again. FearRP When initiating FearRP, you must point your weapon at the victim for it to apply. Both guns and melee weapons apply FearRP. You must value your RP life and not try to evade a person pointing a gun at you, or perform other actions which would not be normal. When under FearRP, you must follow the attacker's orders. Getting killed for not following reasonable orders is not RDM. When under FearRP, you must not draw a weapon on your attacker unless they turn away first. When initiating FearRP, please be reasonable with what you request of the victim. Ordering the victim to drop weapons or the contents of their inventory is not permitted. Ordering the victim to unlock their base in order for you to steal items is not permitted. If you turn away from the victim at any point it will not be considered FailRP if he draws a gun and kills you. FearRP does not apply to law enforcement roles or the Terrorist. Police tasers do not apply FearRP as they are non-lethal. Raiding To start a raid, press F8 or type '/startraid' when looking at an owned door or fading door within range. To end the raid, type '/stopraid' in chat. You must wait 15 minutes in-between raiding the same person. PD raids on the same base can only occur once every 10 minutes. Once you've completed your raid, you must leave. You cannot occupy a base/store after a raid. You cannot raid someone who is currently building. No chain yells (such as '/yell mug/kidnap/raid'). You may only raid PD once every 15 mins. You may only kill someone who has relation to the base, poses a threat, or is actively interfering with the raid. You may kill the mayor in a PD raid, but you must not start the raid just to kill him and then end it. Entering base codes to break into a base is considered FailRP. You're not allowed to steal job related entities, but you are allowed to destroy them. Calling a raid means you must attempt to break into the base. Do not start a raid, kill people and then end the raid. Mugging There is a 5 minute cooldown between each mug. 15 minute cooldown for the same person. You cannot mug with more than 2 other people around. The max you can mug for is 5k. You must give the victim at least 5 seconds to react. New Life Rule (NLR) Once you die, you forget everything that happened to you in your past life. You cannot interact with players who have killed you, or you have killed, to bring up past life experiences. You may not return to the area you have died for five minutes. If you die on your property, you may only return early if there is no raid or RP situation ongoing. You may not return to a raid. You're allowed past through the NLR zone but while you're passing through you're not allowed to interact/roleplay with anyone. You can't kill the police officer who arrested you after being released from jail, place a hit instead. Vendors / Scamming Do not scam regardless of whether or not you are a vendor. Instances where staff will NOT convene compensation are situations with lack of proof or unlikelihood of the situation, these situations are as follows: If you are scammed by free hand gambling machines - If you are scammed via transactions done over voice - If you are scammed via transactions not found in global chat (OOC/PM). Job Specific Rules & Guidelines All Government Classes Government jobs are not allowed to own their own separate base. Their "home" is the Police Department. Government jobs must follow the guidelines and rules set by the Mayor. Any action that involves not following rules set by the Mayor is considered corruption. Government jobs must use /warrant to raid. Government jobs are not allowed to take part in illegal activity. Do not arrest someone without reason. You must always have a valid roleplay reason to search, warrant or want a player. After a valid warning, government jobs may legally eliminate lawbreakers who resist arrest or flee. Don't metagame. You cannot warrant based on information you read in OOC. During a lockdown, government jobs may arrest any non-government officials, or kill any non-government officials armed after a warning. Government jobs are not allowed to use printers. Government jobs (mayor, police, swat, etc) are the only jobs permitted to build or store entities in the police department. Government jobs must not carry printers to the vault from a raid, you must either destroy or leave the printers alone based on the mayor's laws. Government jobs are not allowed to return to a PD raid. You cannot tase a person that is actively in combat, if they are using lethal force you must respond with such force. Taser rushing will get you an instant demotion. You may only arrest players who are open carrying their weapons (one handed by default) but you must warn them first (this does not apply to two handed weapons unless it had been made legal by the mayor). Passive Job Rules & Guidelines Mayor You're only allowed 1 handed weapons. You must have a valid reason for a lockdown. You cannot create a law that breaks a server rule. There is a 5 minute grace period when the mayor is elected, meaning no raids, mugs, kidnaps etc. The mayor is not invincible and may be killed in the grace period if they pose a threat. (Eg. Shooting at you or preventing you from raiding by trying to kill you). The mayor is allowed to have a personal house. You can't make laws that restrict player movement (No Jaywalking, must walk backwards, no jumping. etc.) You can't make laws that require people to have a coloured prop, textscreen, statue, etc outside their base or else it is subject to a police raid. Roleplay based laws (example: cultural enrichment by forcing citizens to create art outside their bases, or pressuring citizens to create sculptures or shrines in your image) are fine. Citizens Citizens are not allowed to raid or steal. Citizens are allowed to own a base, printers and other entities. Citizens can only base with other citizens. Citizens are allowed to have weapons for protection. You can create a custom job with /job for roleplay purposes, but your job can't be used to circumvent server rules or imitate the roles of other jobs. Banned Banned players are an OOC class. This means they are literally invisible and do not exist in terms of RP. Shooting them is counted as shooting nothing. You cannot be arrested for murder for killing a banned player because they do not exist in RP, but you can still be arrested for other related crimes such as discharging a weapon in public. Raping a banned player isn't considered rape but you can be arrested for public indecency. Hobo King You're not allowed to own doors or have keypadded doors. You may mug but only with a party of 2 or more. You're allowed to build on the sidewalk but not the road. You may only build Hobo like structures. For example, a tiny hobo shack is permitted, but a tower stacked with props is not. Hobo You're not allowed to own doors or have keypadded doors. You're only allowed melee weapons or weapons salvaged from dumpsters. You must be with a 'Hobo King' along with a party of 2 or more to be eligible of mugging. There must be a 'Hobo King' present with you to initiate a mugging. You're allowed to build on the sidewalk but not the road. You're not to buy printers, you may use abandoned / stolen printers only. You may only build Hobo like structures. For example, a tiny hobo shack is permitted, but a tower stacked with props is not. Medic You're not allowed to raid or assist people. Medics can make a store but not a personal base. Medics can only make a store with other medics and security guards. Banker Police cannot raid the bank for having printers or weapons. Bankers are only allowed to hire security guards and PMC to guard the bank. Merchant Dealers (Gun Dealer & Black Market Dealer) You must sell to the public. You cannot refuse public selling. You cannot scam. Do not self-supply (switching to the class only to supply items for yourself or your friends). You're not allowed to base with criminals. You're not allowed to base with fellow Gun Dealers, or Black Market Dealers. Only Security Guards are allowed to base with Gun Dealers (Max 2) Only Mercenaries are allowed to base with Black Market Dealers (Max 2) Merchant Dealers are not allowed to raid Criminal Rules & Guidelines Gang Rules (Mobsters) You're only allowed to base with your gang. The gang leader can be demoted in a mutiny after being stated in OOC. Your gang must raid and mug with their leader at all times. You may only raid with your gang. Gang leaders can not raid solo. Drug Manufacturer (Meth Cook, Marijuana Herbalist & Drug Dealer) You're only allowed to base with other Drug Manufacturers of either job. You cannot raid. You cannot mug. You can own printers. Freerunner You're allowed to raid. Freerunners may only raid and base with other members playing raiding classes in their gang/organisation. (These include Thieves, Pro Thieves and thugs) You're allowed to bhop (Provided you aren't scripting). Mercenary You may be hired by any criminal to protect their base and assets. You can't raid. You cannot act as a bodyguard outside of the base. Hacker You may be hired by criminals to assist in raids. You cannot raid by yourself, only when hired. When hired, Hackers are instinctively RP related to the employee. Thug Fistwhoring rules still apply with Thug although the class may imply the frequent use of fists. You're allowed to raid. Thugs may only raid and base with other members playing raiding classes in their gang/organisation. (These include Thieves, Pro Thieves and Freenrunners) Pimp & Prostitutes Pimps hold authority over prostitutes similar to commissioners over officers. Prostitutes are not completely leashed, but being their source of income they need to follow the Pimps orders. Private Military Company You are able to be hired by anyone (includes government officials, criminals and citizens) to raid or to protect for a price. PMCs are able to have a base of operation which can hold illegal items such as weapons and printers. PMCs are licensed by default and are able to own weapons. This does not exclude them from any weapon laws. PMCs can only mug/raid/take hostages if under direct order from an employer. PMC Contractors must follow the PMC Leaders orders. PMC Contractors are not allowed to work alone. Hitman/Assassin You may only assist/counter a raid if target is involved. You're allowed to raid the targets base, although you're not allowed to take/steal anything. (You're not allowed to raid in any other situation) Placing a bounty then switching to hitman to complete the bounty yourself is FailRP. Hitmen/Assassins are not permitted to base with other players (A solo base by yourself is fine). Junkie Immune to RDM rules. Immune to NLR rules. Junkies are unable to communicate with other players. Junkies cannot base. Junkies may kill everything besides other Junkies. Thieves You are allowed to raid and mug. You may only base with three thieves Thieves may only raid and base with other members playing raiding classes in their gang/organisation. (These include Thieves, Pro Thieves, Freenrunners and thugs) Rapist You must wait 5 minutes in between each rape. You can only rape the same person once every 10 minutes. You cannot base. Battle Medic Battle Medics are only able to assist in raids (not start them). Battle Medics can only work with criminals. Battle medics are unable to own a base, but they can be hired to protect other criminals bases. Kidnapper You cannot kidnap the same player twice in one hour You must wait 15 minutes between kidnaps The max hold time for a kidnap is 10 minutes. You can only base with other kidnappers. You cannot throw ragdolled players through props/entities or inside the world while they are knocked out. Terrorist You’re only allowed to use your bomb for attacks. You may not randomly shoot people Terrorists are exempt from FearRP. Do not intentionally target the mayor with a bomb during their grace period.
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    Notes Hello Everyone! Just a quick content update today as most of our development time lately is going towards finishing our new map. [New Content] - Cocaine manufacturer job has been added - New cocaine system - Riot shields for police - Police 911 hud - New playermodels for mafia boss and gangster jobs - New post load screen and spawn system added [Update log] - Player data Desync issues fixed - /gang chat added - Fixed junkies being able to pickup weapons - Removed the ability for police to disguise as police - Fixed prop whitelist not showing up for new players - Fixed possible lag issues in regards to weapons - Fixed taser cable bug (taser cables wouldn't despawn in certain situations) - Weapons purchased through the !store will no longer set off metal detectors / be counted as illegal weapons - Job weapons will no longer set off metal detectors (Eg Assassin sniper rifle) - Battering ram changes (easier to use, always stays "armed") - Tazer ammo being removed after kidnapping/rape etc has been fixed. - Weed prices adjusted. - Riot shields added to police armory. [Forums] - Redesigned forum userbars.
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    Introducing our new map, Danktown! On behalf of the management team, I am excited to announce the release of this our new map! From a community perspective, we see this as a stride in the right direction in terms of being Australia's best and first fully custom DarkRP experience. Our new map Danktown will boast an impressive new array of features available to the player as well as additional of new custom roles and content. Over the last few years we have grown exponentially as a community and we truly appreciate your dedication to us. We sincerely hope you're excited to take this next step with us! FAQ Below FAQ Are there going to be any new areas added to the map? Yes. There are new areas and buildings that have been added to the map, including but not limited to a new dedicated nightclub, hobo base, medical facility and church. Will there be new content & roles released along with this new map change? Yes. There has been new content added along with the new map which will improve roleplay and give players more opportunities. However, there will be even more new content and roles released later down the line. Will I need to modify my game in order to use the new content? You do not need to, but it is highly recommended. In order to hear the music, you need to be running the Chromiumx86 beta. You can download Chromiumx86-64 by following the instructions made here: Will my dupes from the old map work on Dantown? Yes. However, you will need to find new areas to place them as the buildings have been completely changed. How much bigger will the map be in comparison to rp_downtown_sup? It is roughly the same size, however, it feels much bigger in comparison to rp_downtown_sup due to the world buildings being closer together. Will there be a new dedicated event room? Yes. The map includes a new, much bigger event room for OOC events and roleplay opportunities like Police training and etc. Is there going to be a new sewer for Junkies? Yes. The map includes a more compact, roleplay friendly sewer area for Junkies to roam. Will there be a day/night cycle? No. The management team have perfected the lighting in all parts of the map and this day/night cycle would take away from the impressive lighting. Will there be more areas to build in? Yes. The new map allows for a wider range of places to build. Will there be changes to the Police Department? Yes. Danktown comes with a brand new, much bigger police department with new holding cells and a larger, more organised layout. Where will police be able to store their printers in the new Police Department? No. Police officers will no longer be able to place down printers in the new map change. Will there be changes to the arresting system on the new map? No. Officer Tom has already transferred into the new Police Department ready to process criminals. Will there be any changes to the NPC's and their respective locations? Yes. Whilst the NPC's functionality will remain the same, their locations will be discovered the more you play! Will the Mob still be allowed to make territories in parts of the new map? No. We have removed the ability for the Mob to sanction off parts of the map to make territories. Are there going to be changes to the building rules? Yes, there has been slight changes to the building rules. Make sure you re-read the rules to ensure that you are up to date with them. Are there going to be changes to the prop limits? Yes, the prop limit has been slightly lowered. Are there going to be changes to wire? Yes. We have increased the wiremod limit. Note: In its current stage, Danktown is in its early stage of beta, and the buildings and areas may be subject to change over the course of development until its final version.
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    Hello all. As you might have seen, our brand new map just got released (rp_danktown_sr1), I took the liberty of going around and getting as many screenshots as I could to showcase it, these are the low quality previews but I will be uploading the full 4K screenshots in PNG to MEGA or another service like that. Take a look. Download Link: https://mega.nz/folder/jOB3ySxI#KHkzV284nKccGs4v8PfK_g
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    Hi. As an incentive to Supporters & those who boost the discord server will now be eligible to create a private channel on the official Supremacy Networks discord. If you wish to create a channel please message @Rickey Succ and he will arrange a private channel for you. Please keep in mind that those who abuse this will have their permissions individually stripped and not given back to you. Rules Regarding Private Channels: Eligibility for private channels To be eligible to earn a private channel on Supremacy's discord, you must be either an active Discord Nitro Booster or a Supporter. If you have previously Nitro Boosted the server, however you are currently not boosting it, you are not eligible for a private channel. If your Nitro Boost ends, however you already had a channel, the channel will be removed as you are no longer an active Nitro Booster. If you are banned from the discord, your channel is no longer needed and therefore will be removed. Rules for private channels With these private channels, you will be given permission to both manage the channel and its permissions, allowing you to add your friends, change the channels name and select specific permissions for individuals. It is expected that you will use these properly as misuse of these will result in an instant channel removal. We ask that you do not give yourself permission to Server Mute or Server Deafen other members as these are classified as "Moderation Actions" and you are not permitted to use them. The same concept applies to Move Members. If a particular person is annoying you in your private channel, remove their ability to join and speak and the situation will be handled. The private channels were made so that you can have your own channel, so this means not giving others permission to edit or manage your channel and its permission. These will be constantly checked, and if there is another person who manages the channel without prior consultation with myself, the channel will be deleted. Due to Nitro Booster's and Supporter's having the ability to change names, we ask that you respect a few basic rules. Be respectful of everyone and do not make names that act to target or offend specific players. This includes (but is not limited to), racist, homophobic, and discriminatory names. Be sensible with your names. These are not roleplay channels. Anything said in your channel cannot be related back to in-game events. If you have any questions about the rules listed above, please message Rickey via discord: Succulus#9489
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    [21/10/2019] - Begun hidden preparations for Christmas update - Added animations to /rape - Added animations to /sex - Added checks to /rape and /sex on cuffed players - Prostitute can now set sex /price - Fixed Swat Sniper armor bug - Adjusted swat vendor prices - Tazer can now be switched mid taze - Fixed tazer strings bugging out - Fixed tazer bug that froze people outside the map until rejoin - Fixed keypad cracker client side lua error - Fixed ghosted props being toolgun'd to bypass prop protection - Fixed weapon drop spam exploit - Fixed shipment dupe exploit
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    How to install Chromiumx86 Beta on Garry's Mod Hi all, With the new Nightclub manager role, we want you to be able to use the job to it's full potential. In order to do this however, you must change your Garry's Mod property beta to Chromiumx86. Using this beta of Garry's Mod, you will be able to hear the music being played through the control panel, so whilst it isn't a necessity, it is highly recommended and will not impact your game nor the way you play the server. This thread should be able to help you change your game to Chromium. Just some quick notes before we start: You will need to have your game closed. This beta will not impact the way you play Garry's Mod. You will not loose any files or addons that you previously had installed. With that out of the way, lets begin! Step 1: With Garry's Mod closed, open your Steam library, right-click on Garry's Mod, then select the "Properties" option. Step 2: Select the "BETAS" tab at the top, and proceed select the "x86-64 - Chromium + 64-bit binaries" option in the "Select the beta you would like to opt into" drop down menu. Step 3: *Once you select this option, then click "CLOSE", your Garry's Mod game should begin a small 150-200 mb download to update the game files.* Now all you need to do is launch Garry's Mod and select the "Launch Garry's Mod (64-bit)" option, then click "PLAY". After this, you should be able to hear the music from the control panel. Chromium is also very efficient at fixing little problems like Lua Panic "Not Enough Memory" issues and more. If you have any questions please message me on discord and I will try to help you to the best of my abilities. - Thanks, Management
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