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  5. Following the newest update for the forums, signatures are now enabled and can be viewed on Supremacy's theme. With this new addition, it is expected that you follow a few simple rules. 1. Your image must not be any larger than 1000 pixels in width and 200 pixels in height (1000x200). 2. Your image must not display any inappropriate imagery or text. a. For example: racist, sexist, explicit (like gore or sexual activity), discriminatory, controversial or disrespectful text and images are strictly prohibited. 3. Font sizes must be no larger than 24px. 4. If you choo
  6. Rickey succ did the succ if you know what i mean In all seriousness congrats and have a good time as manager :pensive_cowboy:
  7. no one, I think someone said that it was removed
  8. When you step down from Staff Manager to Head Administrator, just to be made Manager.
  9. Well he wasn't lying. You know who you are to get this reference. I was about to write a thank you post but realise you are just switching roles so ill save it for when you actually leave. clown
  10. You misspelt my name dude, its quinny. not renaldo...
  11. Hello everyone, As of today, I am officially stepping down from Staff Manager and taking Renaldo's position as Head Administrator. Renaldo has shown me that he can do so much with the role and I am really excited to see where he goes with it. I've loved being staff manager, but I think it's time for me to step down and to focus on my life's commitments. Again, I will still be a Head Admin so I will be working closely with Renaldo in everything that he does, and I will try be on the server as much as possible giving out my amazing festive dupes . But I am really proud of where Rena
  12. pog moment! Question is can they run it? lol took long enough lmao
  13. The server will now be compatible for Mac users with the recent update supporting recent MacOS operating systems. We recommend that you run the game with Chromiumx86 as MacOS version Catalina(v_10.15)+ cannot run 32 bit games. We already have a tutorial found for that here: For any Mac user having trouble passing the "Welcome to Supremacy Networks - Press any key to continue", this issue should be fixed now. Thank you for reporting this issue to staff.
  14. Merry Christmas everybody, I'm going to- Sike
  15. On behalf of the management team and staff at Supermacy we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thank you for your ongoing support we truly appreciate it. We look forward to what 2021 brings. (Please note that the amount of staff online may be low so please be considerate of the staff that are there to help during this time)
  16. This happened to me a few times so i tried logging in 3 times still said it and all i did was restart my computer and it just had a longer Download time and i actually got in.
  17. It won't let me download despite having the option to download all multiplayer files. It just says the map is missing so idk how I can play. I have verified the integrity of my files too so IDk how to fix this issue.
  18. Map definitely feels B I G G E R good job! P.S like my profile pic, made by yours truly
  19. Cool update and all but when are we going to have bitcoin min- *You are banned! Appeal at supremacyrp.net* In all seriousness good to see the new map arrived after months it was announced. Definitly worth the wait. Big plus one to the underground, gives a nice evilmelon vibe
  20. Can i know the new rules please since i cant find them
  21. As soon as you join the server, it should download. If that doesnt work, be sure that you have "Allow all custom files from server" checked in your "Multiplayer" tab in the options menu, then try joining again.
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