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  5. I remember when i first started playing supremacy lol

  6. Terra is epic gamer

    1. TerraZ


      Get a load of this simp!!

    2. Mr Osama

      Mr Osama


  7. 20200524022106_1.jpg?width=400&height=25 Face Reveal xx ❤️

  8. cool dude

  9. luv u man <3




    no homo

  10. Happy Easter!

  11. Hi. As an incentive to Supporters & those who boost the discord server will now be eligible to create a private channel on the official Supremacy Networks discord. If you wish to create a channel please message @Rickey Succ and he will arrange a private channel for you. Please keep in mind that those who abuse this will have their permissions individually stripped and not given back to you. Rules Regarding Private Channels: Eligibility for private channels To be eligible to earn a private channel on Supremacy's discord, you must be either an active Discord Nitro Booster or a Supporter. If you have previously Nitro Boosted the server, however you are currently not boosting it, you are not eligible for a private channel. If your Nitro Boost ends, however you already had a channel, the channel will be removed as you are no longer an active Nitro Booster. If you are banned from the discord, your channel is no longer needed and therefore will be removed. Rules for private channels With these private channels, you will be given permission to both manage the channel and its permissions, allowing you to add your friends, change the channels name and select specific permissions for individuals. It is expected that you will use these properly as misuse of these will result in an instant channel removal. We ask that you do not give yourself permission to Server Mute or Server Deafen other members as these are classified as "Moderation Actions" and you are not permitted to use them. The same concept applies to Move Members. If a particular person is annoying you in your private channel, remove their ability to join and speak and the situation will be handled. The private channels were made so that you can have your own channel, so this means not giving others permission to edit or manage your channel and its permission. These will be constantly checked, and if there is another person who manages the channel without prior consultation with myself, the channel will be deleted. Due to Nitro Booster's and Supporter's having the ability to change names, we ask that you respect a few basic rules. Be respectful of everyone and do not make names that act to target or offend specific players. This includes (but is not limited to), racist, homophobic, and discriminatory names. Be sensible with your names. These are not roleplay channels. Anything said in your channel cannot be related back to in-game events. If you have any questions about the rules listed above, please message Rickey via discord: Succulus#9489
  12. unreal has fat

    1. UnReal


      i may have fat but you are the fat

    2. placeholder


      doesn't that mean you have me ?😳

  13. Hi, As you probably are all well aware with the current circumstances going on in the world with COVID-19. During this time we expect the server to be fairly populated with players who are now unable to attend their work and education responsibilities. We ask that you all be patient with the staff who will likely be overwhelmed with tickets caused by the influx of players and server popularity. Should you have any issues or questions, please message a member of staff. On a serious note however, please look after yourselves and follow the rules instructed by your local government. We want you all to be safe and able to continue playing on our server and being apart of our community. We want to ensure you that we are still going to do our best to make sure we moderate the server appropriately and to the best of our abilities. Thank you all for your continued support, we sincerely appreciate it.
  14. no forum ban means time to shitpost in ban appeals o.o

  15. tfw you get forum banned big time depression 

    1. Yeeter


      Wait no! What!??!?!

  16. Notes Hello Everyone! Just a quick content update today as most of our development time lately is going towards finishing our new map. [New Content] - Cocaine manufacturer job has been added - New cocaine system - Riot shields for police - Police 911 hud - New playermodels for mafia boss and gangster jobs - New post load screen and spawn system added [Update log] - Player data Desync issues fixed - /gang chat added - Fixed junkies being able to pickup weapons - Removed the ability for police to disguise as police - Fixed prop whitelist not showing up for new players - Fixed possible lag issues in regards to weapons - Fixed taser cable bug (taser cables wouldn't despawn in certain situations) - Weapons purchased through the !store will no longer set off metal detectors / be counted as illegal weapons - Job weapons will no longer set off metal detectors (Eg Assassin sniper rifle) - Battering ram changes (easier to use, always stays "armed") - Tazer ammo being removed after kidnapping/rape etc has been fixed. - Weed prices adjusted. - Riot shields added to police armory. [Forums] - Redesigned forum userbars.
  17. can you please unban me, I honestly dont know why im banned. Sorry

  18. Hi, My real name is Ciaran I am a admin on Supremacy Networks, you are here for like some reason maybe because I'm a admin or wrote some shit on your applications, but yeah I'm a normal person :0 so yeah Enjoy looking at my basic ass profile. *Nothings here stop wasting your time*


  19. smh rickey should've kept you at user 

    1. mainstream


      as if rickey has that authority 

    2. UnReal


      if snowie can manage to stay staff manager for two months, i think rickey can do anything

  20. echo "Hello world!";

  21. Hello, Guys I was banned Off Supermacy For Nothing Sadly 😞 Wich to be Unbanned. Thank You Whoever is Reading My Feed!


  22. rulesy more like poosy

    1. Lou


      -1 haven't seen u before

    2. rulesy
  23. [21/10/2019] - Begun hidden preparations for Christmas update - Added animations to /rape - Added animations to /sex - Added checks to /rape and /sex on cuffed players - Prostitute can now set sex /price - Fixed Swat Sniper armor bug - Adjusted swat vendor prices - Tazer can now be switched mid taze - Fixed tazer strings bugging out - Fixed tazer bug that froze people outside the map until rejoin - Fixed keypad cracker client side lua error - Fixed ghosted props being toolgun'd to bypass prop protection - Fixed weapon drop spam exploit - Fixed shipment dupe exploit
  24. [7/10/2019] - Fixed textscreen not being able to be remover tooled - Cocaine tweaked to make it more viable - Meth cook has been fixed and renabled - Meth entity prices adjusted and profit increased - Fixed tazer teleporting and freezing people outside of the world - Fixed tazer removing weapons - Blocked people being able to eat their own poop while in cuffs - Blocked the ability for people to place hits while restrained and while in prison
  25. Notes The following are patch notes for minor development done on the server since the server update a few days ago, its not necessary to know this information but its just here for those curious. This thread will continue to get updated as we fix more bugs and implement more of your suggestions. [6/10/2019] - Metal detectors now un-disguise disguised players. - Metal detectors are no longer able to be set off by police. - Metal detectors have been restricted to being purchasable by police only. - Police no longer lose karma for killing criminals - Police armoury prices have been adjusted to make playing cop less expensive - Server events have been adjusted (Burgatron disabled) - Mayor is immune to hits during the grace period - Government jobs are restricted from placing hits - Arrest reasons fixed [5/10/2019] - Unbox fixed - Police constables or higher now spawn with glocks - Swat roles are no longer restricted to trusted or higher - Hydro pots and watertank are no longer restricted to trusted or higher - Lockpicking handcuffs fixed - Players can now free kidnapped / restrained players by pressing the use key on them - Police get money for arresting criminals when more than 30 people are online. (The amount you get scales with the criminals karma) - Blocked the possibility of cuffed or jailed players starting raids. - Junkies don't get auto slain when teleported to the sit room. - Added hit cool down. (You can't have a hit placed on you for 10 minutes after a successful hit) - Hitmen that die to a hit target are now job banned for 2 minutes, to stop them breaking NLR. - Police now get karma for arresting. - Fixed jail bounds - Meth cook temporarily disabled as we investigate an issue regarding the job.
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