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    • "you should add the old dB back as a 50 dollar perm item" "bring back the db pls i beg  " even the title of the page is "BRING BACK THE OG DOUBLE BARREL" hmmmmmmmmmm
    • Hey @Sellout PM me on discord and I'll see what I can do for you. Prince#8756
    • Hi, I'm selling my hard to raid weed base that can be spawned in the top floor building opposite the weed buyer. Screenshots are listed below  Price: $750,000 <-- The dupe can be spawned in this building   If interested in buying this base, feel free to contact me on discord to arrange payment. Ratty#9451   Main screenshot The base is designed with a long tunnel making it impossible for raiders to rush inside the base and kill you.  Entrance Lobby The entrance area of the base is open to allow space for weed pallets to be easily and quickly transported out. The long tunnel makes it hard for police to rush in with battering rams as they have to run through the base to get to the first fading door.   1st Tunnel kill-hole  This allows for raiders to be sprayed down the second they go up the ladder, this also means they are exposed for a long time before reaching the first fading door. This window is opened by a damage detector.   Ramp kill-hole This is one of the main kill-holes in the base, it allows for the defender to surprise raiders from behind as they run down the ramp by shooting them in the back of the head. This kill-hole can be opened via damage detector or button      2nd tunnel roof kill-holes These kill-holes allow for raiders to be shot easily from above allowing for an easy head-shot. These windows can be opened by pressing E on them. 2nd tunnel left side kill-holes These kill-holes can allow for the defender to quickly spray down any raiders inside the 2nd tunnel. These can be activated by shooting the windows. Airlock kill-hole After the raiders get past the 1st fading door, they will be trapped in this small blue fenced area where they can be shot easily by the fading window which can be opened via pressing E on the window. 2nd tunnel kill-hole This allows for the defender to easily spam bullets into the tunnel making anyone raiding an easy kill  Weed pallet extraction system This system uses a fading door where you gravgun the weed pallet inside the chamber then go around to the other side and use the keypad to retrieve the weed pallet. This makes it simple and easy to get the weed pallets out without having to go through the tight tunnels.   Overall, this base can defended solo or in a team very easily and it will be very difficult for raiders to get inside. Selling this base for 750k Contact me on discord if you would like to buy it: Ratty#9451
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