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    • Because every situation is always going to be different, there will always be differing circumstances. Your ban was handed down by a root, and those bans don't get overturned.
    • Details About Me Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:212685243 Steam Community Profile Page Link:  https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198385636215 Roleplay name: Tabby The Bunny Do you have a microphone that you can use to assist you while dealing with your colleagues?: Sadly I do not. How much game time do you have? (Post a screenshot): 4w 5d 5h ( Most of the time was from before I went inactive for a few months ) Do you have any warns on the server? If so, how many and what for? (Check using !warns): I have 4 Warns on the server. All of which was from when I first played darkrp - Supremacy a year ago. -2 Nlr warns on the same day - Random weapon check ( back when cops had metal detectors in their inventory ) and -Rape without advert ( before yell was a thing ) Do you have any blacklists/softbans? If so, how many and what for?: I have one softban for the aforementioned breaking nlr twice. PD Related Questions What is your current PD rank in-game (e.g.: Constable, Sergeant etc)? : Undercover - Superintendent Police Officer - Superintendent Swat- Sergeant Major   Are you familiar with the PD role and understand all the rules associated with PD?: Yes, I am. Though I recently just returned to supremacy, I have read up on the rules that have changed and adapted as well. I would say I know majority of the rules as no one is perfect and know all the rules word for word. Why do you want to be a Commissioner? I have always enjoy the way PD is ran. The idea of systematically performing patrols around the map. When doing raids I enjoy the feeling of the adrenaline pumping through me as I batter down the doors in fights. With the strategies involved as we stand in formation for raids or for training. Especially ever since the PD system has been overhauled to have training. It  provided me with a renewed passion to play as a cop and swat. In fact, almost always when I am on I am seen playing as a cop. As a commissioner, I want to be able to use my abilities to host training to assist the new probational constables and clear up any doubt. By hosting training I can help to develop the task force as a whole while providing them with the necessary skills they need. I am always looking for ways to help enhance the PD experience as well as heighten the standard and reputation our task force has. Do you understand that if you aren't active or don't effectively use the rank you will risk being demoted?: Yes I understand that If I abuse my rank I will be demoted. While if I don't uphold the standard of a commissioner I will also be demoted.
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