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    • Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:584975294 Steam Community Profile Page Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/theGanjaGremlin420 Roleplay name: Behnt Nudle How much game time do you have? (Post a screenshot): 28 Hours as of this post's creation. How many warns do you have (use !warns in game)?: 0 Do you have any blacklists/softbans and what were they for?: No Why do you believe you should be trusted?: Because learning how to use wiremod would be super fun and the added props would be out of this world. Advanced dupe too so i dont actually loose my work is an amazing concept but of cause the most important would be the fact that i would have more standing within the community so i can help anyone who needs it and be a good image for the game. How well known are you within the 'Supremacy Networks' community?: I would say fairly well. I am only new though so i cant help it if im not super popular. i always try my best to be vocal with helping people in global chat however. How will you set a standard for players without staff powers with your trusted rank?: By using them for there intended purpose and thus imposing a good example for others. Do you agree to use the tools (advdupe, stacker etc.) that come with this rank properly?: Withought fail. Do you agree to use the jobs (Rapist, Kidnapper, Cinema Owner, Freerunner and Junkie) properly and follow their job rules?: I am here to Role Play! not to f**k around. Do you understand that being trusted is a privilege and breaking rules or abusing the tools/jobs that you receive will get your rank stripped? Loud and clear. You can count on me to avoid trouble and be kind to others.
    • -1 for now -last time i had an encounter with you, you kept hitting me with stun baton, and when i killed you, you came back and kept hitting me with stun baton although i did not bother reporting you to staff -also you never lock PD doors behind you -also you have not provided your steam profile page and roleplay name -I feel like you couldve provided more information about how you would set a standard for players I recommend you to make use of these comments to improve yourself and increase the chance of you getting trusted good luck ❤️ 
    • +1 active especialy among the police force friendly good at leadership
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